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Companions ready their weapons when you do. Supports modded companions. Inspired by Followers Unholster, modernized with JIP LN NVSE Event Handlers.

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Companions Combat-Ready


Companions ready their weapons when you do. Inspired by Followers Unholster, modernized with JIP LN NVSE Event Handlers instead of a background GameMode script. Excludes unarmed and thrown weapons, since the readied animations don't look as natural. Includes one and two-handed melee weapons, since there's some fine modded replacers out there, like Hitman's one-handed and two-handed melee idles.

If you want modded companions to also ready their weapons when the player does, just add their reference formID to Companion Combat-Ready's formlist (0x000804: CCRList). To do this, you'll need to set the companion mod as one of Companion Combat-Ready's masters, then load Companion Combat-Ready after it. Alternatively, you can script it if you know how. Note you're adding the companion's REFERENCE formID, not its BASE NPC formID.

Companion mods might have their own built-in automatic unholstering scripts. No reason to have two unholstering functions working at once. You should either disable their built-in automatic unholstering (through dialog or whatever) or just don't add the companion to Companion Combat-Ready's list.

Use any of the mod managers or just drop the .esp file into your Fallout New Vegas\Data folder, then activate it.

Just uninstall with your mod manager or delete the .esp file from your Fallout New Vegas\Data folder.