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Tweaks the Anti-Materiel Rifle values, dmg and projectile behavior for more immersive play

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Tweaks the Anti-Materiel Rifle values, dmg and projectile behavior for more immersive play.


Health (it now decays slower) - 150
Damage (packs a more punch) - 205 (base damage, it can be increased by perks or armor with stats)
Value (makes it worth) - 7500
Strength Requirement - 6
Hitscan - REMOVED, sent to Oblivion

Projectile Behavior - Flame
Flame > .50MG Ammo acts as flamer ammunition, meaning that it will pass through any target it hits (you can now hit two enemies with one bullet)

This will not actually make your AMR turn into laser or set enemies on fire (unless using incendiary ammo). It only changes the behavior.


- MAIN FILE: Requires GRA
- WMX PATCH: Requires WMX (All DLCs) to be ENABLED


INCOMPATIBLE with any mods that modify the AMR stats.
COMPATIBLE with texture altering mods.
COMPATIBLE with mods that add unique AMRs but will not change their stats whatsoever.
COMPATIBLE with animation mods like ARP and WAR

This mod changes a few stats and behavior types. The changes are subtle and this mod should be included in the Bashed Patch or a zEdit merged patch.


1. Download mod using a mod manager (Try ModOrganizer)
2. Choose your options using the installer.
3. Activate.
4. Done!

Follow these exact steps and OVERWRITE over the old version when updating.


1. Make sure that you have the Anti-Materiel Rifle unequipped.
2. Make sure that no NPCs, including companions, have an Anti-Materiel Rifle equipped.
3. Save game.
4. Delete mod.
5. Open the game and save it again
6. Done!


If you would like me to make additions to this mod, just say so.