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In the mountains between Hidden Valley and the REPCONN test site is a small campsite where one could build a real fortress. Setup and Layout resemble the mechanics of Hearthfire. No DLC required. Also adds a new fully moddable unique 9mm pistol.

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Build your own Mountain Fort


First the base shack has to be built. This can be done through the blueprints in the camp. Once the base shack has been built, a new terminal appears inside the shack where the other elements can be bought. the tower, both wings and the basement require the base extension to be built first before the can be built. If everything is built, total cost will be 35.000 bottlecaps.

Shack options

- Base Shack             [5.000 Caps]
- Base Extension       [10.000 Caps]
- Basement[3.000 Caps]
- East Wing[3.000 Caps]
- East Wing Extension[1.000 Caps]
- West Wing [3.000 Caps]
- Tower[3.000 Caps]

Exterior Options

- Training Area                     [500 caps]
- Exterior Living Area          [500 Caps]
- Exterior Wall                      [1.000 Caps]
- Moat                                   [1.000 Caps]
- Animal Pen                        [500 Caps]
- Windmill                             [500 Caps]

Interior options

The tower and both wings are initially empty upon completion, this is because the player can choose the interior of these rooms with a yellow button inside the specified room.

Each of the three customisable rooms have a different possiblity of four of the six interior settings. This
means that each of the six interiors can appear twice at the same time. This is done to let the player choose what type of building it'll be and what the important aspects are. If it were so that all the interiors could be built at once, it would just be a matter of upgrading everything. Now the player will have choose what is important. the 6 types of roominterior are listed here:

- Extra Bedroom
- Laboratory
- Workshop
- Hospital
- Greenhouse
- Storage

Once something has been built, it can't be demolished. So choose well before building something. A save before building something is recommended.

The unique 9mm pistol is found in the dufflebag in the campsite, which will dissappear once the base extension has been built, so get it before it's too late.

French translation can be found here.

This mod was made entirely by Remco Verbeek, 2018