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Collection of custom patches for my mod guide

**Currently under construction as I finish up the new guide at https://vivanewvegas.github.io/**

Permissions and credits
These patches were made specifically for my mod guide, Viva New Vegas. You can obviously use them if you don't follow it, but some are very specific and you might not have all the mods installed. I won't be making any requested patches unless they are for mods in my guide because this is hard enough to maintain as is.

More patches will be uploaded when the new Yukichigai Gameplay Tweaks releases

Fowards YUP fixes where necessary 

Mojave Arsenal - ACS Patch
Fixes the 22LR case duplication

Burning Campfire REDONE - Honest Hearts Patch
Reverts a rogue script edit from Burning Campfire that removed changes made by HH and fixes a bug that caused the flame effect to double up. Credits to frosty-theaussie for the flame effect fix

YGT - Improved Traits Patch
Forwards appropriate YGT and YUPs changes to Improved Traits. The New YGT which this is made for is not out yet, just uploading here for organization (I accidentally deleted all my patches so I don't trust myself anymore)

YGT - ACS Patch
Adds the ACS crafting system to the Lonsome Road Flare Ammo added by YGT, fixes the .22 LR case duplication, and forwards the appropriate records

Someguy Series Balanced
Balances many of damages, values, and item health of the weapons, both playable and non-playable, to better fit with the vanilla game. 'Bosses' still have more powerful weapons, usually based on the unique variant of the weapon they're using, companion weapons are balanced to be pretty much equal with the vanilla versions, just like vanilla companions, and other weapons are balanced to be slightly more powerful then their vanilla variants. Forwards New Vegas Bounties II Fixes where necessary.

NVInteriors - Clothed Hula Girl
Changes the hula girl misc item added by NVInteriors to use the vanilla, non-nude, texture. Is this nitpicking? Maybe

Someguy Series Follower Tweaks
Nerfs Russell's companion perk down from 15% damage increase to 5%, changes Ford's perk from a luck increase to a 5% crit chance increase, and changes Cooper's perks from enhanced compass range to +10% attack speed (and re-names the perk to "Pack Mentality")

Mojave Raiders - FO3 Weapons Restoration Patch
Adds the new Fallout 3 weapons to the proper new leveled lists from Mojave Raiders. Made specifically for my edited version that adds a leveled item entry for the Chinese Officer Sword  and changes the weapon quality options in the leveled items to be in line with Mojave Raiders

BLEED - No Always Knockdown Explosions
Changes the "Always Knockdown" flag back to "Knockdown by Formula" for explosions because getting knocked down constantly by someone with a grenade APW is not very fun

Ed-E - No Combat Music
Removes the music that Ed-E plays when he engages in combat

NVInteriors Room with a View - RWL Patch
Changes the new worldspaces of the suites to use NVClimateDefault that Realistic Wasteland Lighting uses