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Food and Stimpaks will no longer be affected by Day Tripper and Chemist. The cumbersome modifications of chems introduced by YUP to solve the problem are eliminated.

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Requires main game along with Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road.
Mod version: 1.5
"The devil is in the detail."
As you probably (already) knew, food and healing items are also affected, if you have Day Tripper and Chemist perks.
For example, with high survival skill (>=70) a single Bloatfly Slider heals you ~320 HP, if you have both perks.
No siree. Quite absurd to heal 320HP using only 1 measly food item, being also pumped up with chems that grant you 110 AP, > +56% damage and 50% Damage Resistance.There should be some consequences, if you like chems.
Although YUP dealt (somewhat) with the issue, they also introduced a lot of cumbersome modifications to chems, which made my heart sing not like a wild thing.
Short story:
This mod reinstates the chems as creator intended and solves the problem in Survivalist Style way. An intelligent one, that is.
Food and healing items will no longer be affected by these 2 perks.
Do not clean up the mod. You've been warned.
  • Implemented a new formula of calculating the health restored after the perks have been taken (added in version 1.2)
  • Removed increased max. health effect from Thin/Thick Red Paste, Blood/Black Blood Sausage to eliminate a strange glitch in health calculation when you have very low health (<10HP) and you heal with food items. To alleviate the extreme pain of removing such utterly useless effects, I added Restore Starvation in hardcore mode according to JSawyer tweaks for these items (40/80, 50/100). Restore Starvation will not increase with your Survival level; Thin/Thick Red Paste, Blood/Black Blood Sausages are (strange) chems with healing properties, not food items (added in version 1.3). For more info, see (e.g.) http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Blood_sausage, section Bugs. That visual glitch was not entirely eliminated by YUP, it is still visible when you place these items in containers (or take them from a dead creature/NPC).
  • Psycho and Slasher +25% bonus damage will stack (+50% Dam. bonus, base weapon damage). Psycho +25% Dam. bonus will no longer disappear when
  • Slasher expires, even if (Psycho) is still active (added in version 1.4).
New in version 1.5
Bonus to my faithful users (version 1.5 only)
  • Monocyte Breeder implant (Dr. Usanagi) more powerful. 0.5% total health/s instead of measly 1HP every 10s. Kind of Fallout 4 health regen out there.
  • Solar Powered Perk boosted. 0.5% total health/s instead of 1HP/s.
  • DLC03RadAbsorbScript corrected, Rad Absorption Perk more powerful. 0.5 Rad/s (rad absorption) instead of measly 1 Rad every 20s.

Have fun.

Fallout 4 health regeneration system.
JSawyer mod.
My way.
The Appian Way.
Via Egnatia.
And last but not least...The Beatles.

Many thanks to:
Nexus - for allowing us posting all kind of ideas converted into mods and not only.