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Adds a new complete re-texture of the F:NV H&H Tool Nail Gun, includes compatibility with Weapon Mods Expanded.

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Huge thanks to everyone for the amount of positive feedback on the mod! I'm glad many of you enjoyed the re-texture.


A complete 2k re-texture of the H&H Tool Nail Gun in F:NV. It's only a re-texture, therefore, no meshes are touched.

|What This Does|
What does this do? It replaces the textures with higher quality ones.
Well then... can we move along now?

|Compatibility / Requirements|

It's compatible with WMX, with the WMX version, but doesn't touch any of the files from WMX, since it's only changing the root folders and the names of the textures, that the WMX textures go to (unlike my other mod).

If you want to get WMX, the mod is here:


It's not compatible with anything that edits or changes the textures of the nail gun.

• I know that the logo of the company was never on the gun, I just like the addition of it. If there's enough suggestions for this, I will either make a version without it, or remove it entirely.
• This is the same with the grunge on the bullet I made above, there is some dirt, but not nearly as much as on this texture. If there's suggestions to remove some of the rust bits, I will also try to do this, but it does add more texture to the gun.

PrinceMinusA (me, myself, and I) - Creating textures and adding it into the game.
Antistar - Creator of WMX (don't worry, I didn't use any of the assets, just credits for saving me time instead of remaking the weapon mods).