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A Dead Rising-inspired mod that forces you to save by drinking from the toilet. Requires NVSE and is configurable through the mod configuration menu.

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Water never changes.


This mod is largely inspired by the game Dead Rising. In that game in order to save you needed to go to the bathroom. The developers of that game saw it as something that simply made sense as a gameplay mechanic, because the game took place inside a mall and bathrooms are something that are naturally spaced evenly throughout a mall. I feel the same is true for the Mojave Wasteland. This way there are a few save points within every settlement without modifying any worldspaces which creates a limited save system with a high level of compatibility.

The pause menu has been unchanged, so you can "save" literally whenever. However, this mod features a small script that throws you back to the main menu whenever you try to load a game from any save not made by drinking from the toilet or from the incremental crash proof save system.


Aside from the obvious saving when you drink from the toilet and invalidating other saves this mod also boasts a wide range of other fully configurable options, many which can be accessed through the Mod Configuration Menu.

  • The ability to turn this mod off entirely! So you can play without the mod for one playthrough and play with it with another.
  • Toilet water spell effects are togglable. Healing, rads, and hardcore mode hydration from toilets. All are off by default. NOTE: VANILLA RADS AND HEALTH WILL STILL BE DISPLAYED REGARDLESS FOR REASONS I DON'T PRETEND TO UNDERSTAND.
  • Incremental saves which can be turned off through the MCM. By default, incremental saves are by on and limitless, but you can set them up to be limited and loop back to 1 when you hit the maximum. There is also a hotkey, default "P," which will pause incremental save progression.
  • Crash proof saves is exactly what it sounds like. If you're playing heavily modded it's never a bad idea to be prepared for distinct possibility of crashes. This feature allows you to set up your game to auto-save as often as every 15 seconds or as little as every 2 minutes (the default is 1 minute). The file it saves to is "CRASH PROOF SAVE" which it overwrites whenever it saves across playthroughs. When you die in game you will reset back to your last toilet save, so this is really just there for insurance in case your game crashes.
  • Vanilla saves can be turned back on, while still retaining the ability to save from the toilet.
  • Enable toilet traps, this is a Tale of Two Wastelands only feature that allows you to enable toilet traps which will shock you if you drink from them. This mod disables these traps by default, because it feels utterly unfair to make save points potentially harmful, but if you want to re-enable them you can.


: For some reason this mod does not like to play well with new games of DUST. Until I figure out why my recommendation is to start a new game with this mod disabled through your mod manager, then once you've set up your character save and enable this mod in the mod manager. It's a pain, but there you go. Sorry for the inconvenience.

CASM or any other mod that save the game are inherently incompatible with this unless you have "vanilla saves" on through the Mod Configuration Menu.

This mod is incompatible with any mod that modifies the toilets, of which I don't think there are a whole lot, so you should be fine.

There is a Tale of Two Wastelands Add-On that adds compatibility for toilets in the Capital Wasteland as well as allowing you to toggle toilet traps.

As of the version 1.1.0 a few in locations were modified in order to add more functional toilets. I'm reasonably certain this won't create any compatibility issues, but just because I can these are the affected locations:

  • New California Republic Correctional Facility Cell Block A
  • New California Republic Correctional Facility Cell Block B
  • New California Republic Correctional Facility Cell Block C - this space appears to be unused in the vanilla game.
  • Vault 22 Floor D - The Commons Area
  • Jacobstown Lodge
  • New Vegas Medical Center
  • Vault 21

  • NVSE - Absolutely necessary
  • Mod Configuration Menu - Only necessary if you want to change any default settings. Strictly speaking the mod can be run without it.