Fallout New Vegas
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It's an ESM that allows certain decisions to carry over between my mods.

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I debated making something like this as soon as I decided I was going to have an overarching narrative in my quest mods. I decided against it at the time, because I'm dumb. I have since reconsidered, and now this exists.

So what does this thing do?

It lets my mods interact between one another. Your decisions matter, now. Hooray.

One small caveat, and it will cease being relevant in maybe a month or two, is that the magical decision-tracker thing does not work retroactively. If you're midway through a playthrough, just finish it off, and then download this and all the updated versions of my mods. 

Affected Mods:

The North Road: Remastered
The Depths of Depravity
More to come, eventually.


"I don't care about my choices having consequences, and my game is already bloated with mod files. I don't want this. Is it optional?"
No. You need to have it on to play my stuff. Sorry. I'm not sorry at all.

"Oh cool, can I make this thing a requirement for my own mods?"
Yes? Sure?

"Does this mod actually contain any content?"
Beyond the magical decision-tracking script? No.

"Why isn't this required for the Initiation?"
The Initiation is already a master file, and it's too linear for there to really be any actual choices. Not worth the hassle.