Fallout New Vegas
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An addon for User826's "Fitz .45 Auto Machine Pistol" mod. Allows the player to craft the weapon from an Honest Hearts .45 Auto Pistol, similar to how the real Lebman 1911 Machine Pistol was a modified 1911. Only 6 of those were ever made (that we're aware of).

Header and unedited file image are from their mod's page.

Permissions and credits
I found, and fell in love with, User826's Fitz .45 Auto Machine Pistol, which, to me, appears to be based on The Lebman 1911 Machine Pistol with a "Fitz Special" style trigger guard.

There are, to historian's knowledge, only 6 Lebman "Baby Machine Guns" in existance. Each of them were modified 1911s.

Because of the weapon's unique and modified nature, User chose to make it a Unique Weapon, to be found on the body of a dead bootlegger, somewhere near Vegas. This was due to the fact that several of the Lebman 1911 Machine Pistols were used by historical crime figures, such as:

Lester Gillis, AKA "Baby Face Nelson"
and John Dillinger

I however, felt that because of the weapon's unique and modified nature, the player should be able to take a .45 Auto Pistol and convert it, just like Lebman. With User's permission, I did so.

I also felt the player should be able to craft the weapon's modifications. I chose to base the recipes off of the (S) style Weapon Mod Recipes, by DSoG_Sergeon. I actually have full intention of making, and releasing a second version using the perk and tools from the (R) style recipes. However, I'll instead be making that version for WMR For WMX and PN - Recipes For Weapon Mods - ENHANCED EDITION, as it's the one I use. That version is not yet, or possibly will not be, available however, until I hear back from lKocMoHaBTl, as I do not want to make an add-on for their mod without permission.


Recipes (Workbench):

Fitz .45 Compensator = (Repair 35), Fitz .45 Auto Machine Pistol (In Inventory, Not Consumed), Wrench (In Inventory, Not Consumed), Tire Iron (Consumed), Wonder Glue (Consumed)

Fitz .45 Compensator (Alternate) = (Repair 35), .45 Auto SMG Compensator (Consumed)

.45 Auto SMG Compensator (Alternate) = (Repair 35), Fitz .45 Compensator (Consumed)

Fitz .45 Grip = (Repair 30), Fitz .45 Auto Machine Pistol (In Inventory, Not Consumed), Chess Board (Consumed)

Fitz .45 Extended Mags = (Repair 20), Fitz .45 Auto Machine Pistol (In Inventory, Not Consumed), Hammer (In Inventory, Not Consumed), Scrap Metal x3 (Consumed)

.45 Auto Automatic Conversion = (Repair 55), .45 Auto Pistol (Consumed), Scrap Metal x3 (Consumed)

Additional mods shown:

Interface Mod - Revelation (Classic Fallout UI) - UI shown

Scrap Metal Recipes - Recipes for Scrap shown


If using Mod Organizer, place below Fitz .45 Auto Machine Pistol. Otherwise, say "yes" to Overwrite.

NOTE: User826's mod is needed for Meshes and Textures. This mod does not contain any Meshes or Weapon Textures.