Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

So if you are tired as I am from the same old trash heap Goodsprings is, then this is the mod for you!

Permissions and credits
Hello hello, people! I was never much into explaining a lot and long descriptions so here it is.

Basically what you get is a Mexican - themed Goodsprings. Some new, yet unfinished NPCs.

Changes that are done by the mod :

- Doc Mitchel's house is now a monastery
- General Store completely redone 
- New NPC
- New follower for medical characters. If your medicine is above 25 or equal, you can now hire a tribal companion!
- Implemented Moonshine still recipes. You can craft your own booze now.
- New player home for relatively cheap. Ask in the prospector store.

What to expect :

- New weapons coming in next update  Done!
- Some quests
- Some more environments (indoors mostly)

Many thanks to the guy who made the father and nun outfits - modder3434 

P.S. Im gathering people for some play testing of my upcoming mod.

Sign for the alpha/betas here : click me

As usual.