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Even though there are n corrections of this perk, the nth + 1 doesn't hurt.

Permissions and credits
Requires main game.
Mod(s) version 1.0
You have two versions of the mod:
The first one corrects only the Friend of the Night perk.
The second one corrects the perk and removes the blue tint from Cateye effect (see last 2 screenshots).
Bear in mind that my nights are x2 darker than vanilla ones.
"You are a true friend of the night. Your eyes adapt quickly to low-light conditions indoors and when darkness falls across the wasteland."
(in-game perk's description).
Although YUP made some tweaks to the perk' script, it still doesn't work as intended:
a. In interiors during the day or...
b. in exteriors during the night (sometimes works, sometimes don't, due to the useless script variables implemented by Obsidian and still used in YUP fix).
This fix fixes that.
1. Gets rid of Obsidian's useless script variables, works in interiors during the night and day (as stated in perk's description) and works properly outside during the night.
2. Gets rid of the vanilla greenish/bluish brightness tint and replace it with a more natural color tint (close to the natural light). See screenshots.
3. Includes some tweaks made by YUP, to not spoil the broth.

Very useful perk, if you use mods which implements darker nights and/or interiors. I also use this perk, because I made my nights a bit darker (x2).
Have fun.

Because I included some of YUP tweaks in this fix, YUP team can freely include this fix in further patches. If they deem necessary, that is.

The Eye of Horus.
YUP. For previous tweak.
Me. For other tweaks.

Many thanks to:
Nexus' Eye of Righteousness.