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Happy Halloween everyone! For the occasion, I thought I would bring to life one of my original ENB concepts, Forlorn. A grimy, somber preset. As if there is no hope left in the wasteland.

Permissions and credits

A grim ENB preset that focuses on bringing a dystopian, lonely vibe to the Mojave. This ENB is recommended for anyone looking to do a spookier playthrough or someone who just prefers washed out tones over vibrancy.

Latest ENB Binaries
CM Lighting Plugin (The ENB comes with it)

I haven't tried anything else myself, but this preset was built around CM Lighting only. So I can't say exactly how it will look with other lighting plugins like RWL and Nevada Skies. RWL should be fine since this ENB is based off of Overgrowth, which uses RWL. Though again, I am not sure.

A Texture Pack: NMC's, Ojo Bueno, etc.

If this isn't your first ENB and you are running another ENB currently, make sure to delete every file related to your current ENB, otherwise, your ENB could mix with mine and look totally different from the pictures.

ENBseries: Go to the ENBDev website linked below and download the latest version of the 
Fallout New Vegas ENBSeries. Extract the downloaded file and open the "wrapper version" folder. 
Locate the d3d9.dll file and copy and paste it into your Fallout New Vegas directory located
at Program Files (X86), Steam, Steamapps, Common, Fallout New Vegas. The d3d9.dll
should be in the same location as your FalloutNV.exe. However, if you use the 4GB patch,
it's possible that you have a folder in your directory called "exes." If so, put the d3d9.dll
in there. Apparently, ENBseries doesn't work properly when you have that folder. I personally
don't have it but I just wanted to clarify for those that do.

The ENB: Download the file and extract it. Copy and paste all of the files into your
Fallout New Vegas directory, located at Program Files (X86), Steam, Steamapps, Common, Fallout New Vegas. 
Then, go into your preferred mod manager and make sure that CM_Lighting_FNV.esp is ticked, otherwise, the ENB will not look right.
Be sure to also turn off Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering in the launcher menu or you will run into visual bugs. 
Also, make sure that HDR is checked in the launcher menu and that you have water displacement disabled in "Advanced."

Boris Vorontsov for creating ENB
Confidence Man for allowing free use of his assets and for creating his powerful lighting plugin
Tru3th for allowing me to use Overgrowth as the base of the ENB

Download ENBSeries here: http://enbdev.com/download_mod_falloutnv.htm

Check out my YouTube channel where I post Fallout/Elder Scrolls related content: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD6Vl_6JMncSQylHIN4NoDw

Enjoy the ENB!