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Enables you to play Fallout New California within a TTW playthrough.

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Version 5
- Upgraded to TTW 3.2 and FNC 2.0.4 - A rather large update. A lot of the more obvious asset path issues have been addressed. FNC Super Mutants now have unique textures, leaving the Mojave with their pea-green hue. A lot of random objects were re-pathed that had been retextured for FNC so that vanilla forms retain their vanilla look. I did NOT re-path anything that had been retextured in FNC that had simply had its resolution enhanced for more detail or reduced for better performance. These assets retain their vanilla aesthetic and for this round of improvement I wanted to focus on things that had been made significantly different.

This version has two esps. One is an updated version of the esp I've been distributing containing all the functionality to make FNC within TTW happen. This file obviously has dependency on all TTW files and New California. The second esp manages assets. It only requires New California, so technically, non-TTW could benefit from it. For the purposes of this patch and playing FNC within TTW, use both esps. It shouldn't matter which is loaded before the other, though I've typically been running with PBrazilTTWPatch.esp loaded after PBrazilAssetPatch.esp.

Additionally, The VR pod will now dismiss companions when activated, so you can't take your crew with you to tackle Johnny. This only accounts for vanilla companions so Willow, Russel, etc. can still go with you. Upon completing the simulation, all your equipment from before the sim will be automatically returned and you will again be wearing the Sim suit. This also means that your equipment from the sim will be stripped. However, I did place a crate near the sim pod that will have a few choice items from FNC inside (I am taking requests for items to be placed in here... I want to keep it between 6-10, and I would rather not have crazy powerful endgame weapons in here.) I also addressed the leftover line of code that set hardcore needs to -1, and I disabled FNV radios when FNC starts and disable FNC radios upon returning to the Mojave.

Please continue to report any issues for future fixes!

Version 4 - Addressed potential dialogue conflicts per the data report from the TTW team (thanks guys!) Brought the patch up to speed against latest FNC baseline 2.0.3. 

Version 3 - Playtested with an all new character that COCd to Camp McCarren straight out of Vault 101. When I picked up the Neural Interface Suit to start the sim, the quest Aiding The Outcasts started. Oops. So, I went in and corrected it.

Version 2 - I noticed the Intro movie to New California wasn't playing. Well, that's because I forgot to add it to the transition. Funny how that works. I added it to the transition. When I did this, I noticed I hadn't accounted for some of the conflicts between TTW's edits to the New Vegas intro and FNC's edits to the same quest. So, this patch now resolves that conflict. This might have caused issues in new games and in existing games that hadn't been to Doc Mitchell's yet.


Like most of us still spending a lot of our gaming hours in the Mojave Wasteland, I have been playing the heck out of New California since Tuesday. Since I've been playing exclusively with TTW (in fact, on PC, I have NEVER done a non-TTW playthrough!) since the beginning, I really wanted to find a way to integrate what is easily the most professionally done and polished quest mod ever released for New Vegas into my jaunts back and forth from Vegas to DC.

Well, it turns out, it isn't too difficult to do from a technical perspective, however, to have any semblance of a coherent story within the playthrough, it is impossible.

Without spoiling the plot of New California, it is easy to buy that the Star Player/Nerd becomes the Courier. From the TTW perspective, it can be possible for the Lone Wanderer to become the Courier. However, there is NO WAY for the Star Player/Nerd to be the Lone Wanderer. 

So, I came up with a way to "fake" it by making the storyline of New California exist as a VR simulation that the NCR uses to train troops in the same vein as Operation: Anchorage. I even threw in some throwaway lines on a note explaining that the VR pod incorporates information from the player's own memories and imagination to fully incorporate the operator of the VR pod into the scenario.

It's quick, it's dirty, but it works for me.

Using the mod:

Extract the esp.
Place the esp file in your data folder.
Play the game.
To find the VR pod, go to the corner of the concourse at Camp McCarren. Its the corner with crates and stuff. The pod is not small. You should see it.

Also, since many of you have probably tweaked ini files and such to switch from TTW to New California, you will need to revert back to TTW install, then install New California on top of that, then install my esp.

For load order, what I am using is the standard TTW load order, NewCalifornia.esm comes immediately after Taleoftwowastelands.esm, and then I load this patch toward the end of my load order just before my merge patch. It's very exciting.


I don't use those cute Mod Managers all you kids are using these days. I dump everything in my Data folder and get crazy. I also really like to code. As in, I do crazy things in crazy ways with my game. As such, my game is held together with the digital equivalent of spit and duct tape. So, while I've tried to make this patch as clean as possible, it may not quite behave the same in your game as it does in mine. If so, please let me know. This should be considered an extreme WIP. 

Please report any issues you may have to ME, NOT the Fallout New California Developers NOR the TTW developers! This does not mean that the issue you are experiencing is directly related to this mod, but it is not a good use of the time of the FNC team or the TTW team to chase down something that may or may not be related to another mod. In other words, if you are trying a TTW playthrough and including this mod and you run into something that you think is either a TTW or a FNC bug, ask ME first!

Also, I am very open to suggestions as to how to improve the mod. If you can think of a better way to transition that isn't terribly labor intensive, or if you can think of ways to polish the mod as is. Please let me know.

Bugs discovered so far -
Asset conflicts between FNV, TTW and FNC. - We're getting there! A bunch of the nasty ones have been fixed!
First Quest of Operation Anchorage starts when picking up the Neural Interface Suit.
FNC radios need to be disabled when not in sim.
Potential Dialogue conflicts
Hardcore needs being set to -1.

Keep the bug reports coming!

Bethesda for Fallout 3
Obsidian for New Vegas
TTW team for TTW
Radian Helix Media for New California