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This mod changes the armors in Fallout: New California to more standard ones. Also brings Power Armor into line with previous Fallout games.

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I know Fallout New California just came out but I already felt the need to make a slight mod for it. This mod falls in line with the other mods I have created BONEDBNED, and BOED.

While I don't think the colossus power armors themselves are terrible for me I prefer the classic looks for the armors. This mod basically reverts the armors back to classic look while also bringing the armors into line with classic FO stats. This mod changes around some of the armor to add in Advanced Power Armor Mk.II (classic look) with FNV style Advanced Power Armor added in. T-51b has been changed to classic look T-51b (and some BoS assets names are in the files but I don't see any NPC currently using them). So while there was Power Armor Diversity they have been changed to classic looks. Advanced Power Armor Mk. III has also been added but I am not going to spoil that. 

Fallout: New California is required to run this mod. Installation is rather simple. Just download and copy the contents into the FNV Data Folder. Make sure to run this below all FNC esps. There is a PN edition of the mod now as well. The esp is within it's own folder so if you wish to use it just move it into the Data folder and let it overwrite the standard esp.

For those looking to increase the classic feel I would suggest getting my other mod NPC Arm Pip-boy 2500 to be used in conjunction with Pip-boy 2500A or A Familiar Friend - pip-boy 2500 both by EdisLeado. You can also go over and grab the FNC - PN mod to go along with the PN edition of this mod.


4.6 - Tweak to the mesh for APA2 that under an ENB causes a halo light effect for the fan. Update to the level list for NCR and Vipers for their power armor sets.

4.5 - Update to bring NED into line with FNC 213 

Few updates a few sets of scavanged advanced power armor added. Venom given a set of salvaged tesla advanced power armor. Enclave armor sets scattered throughout crates in wasteland locations, each crate contains a power armor training book. You will have to explore around to find them. A secret armor set added into the game and I am not divulging where it is located.

Fixed the Survivalist Power Armor. Thought I had it done correctly until in game it just goofed out on me. Managed to figure it out and fix the gloves as well. Picture of the armor also now posted.

Okay small change to give Marius T-51b armor instead of Advanced Power Armor. Big change, while the Survivalists do get stuff from the Enclave (thus me originally giving them Advanced Power Armor) I decided that didn't exactly fit with their theme. So added in Survivalist Power Armor which is based on Advanced Power Armor. It is more broken down to be lighter and less cumbersome showing they have some of the tech but that they adapted it to them. The armor isn't powered so it is like the NCR Power Armors. It has comparable defenses but due to being striped down is just below NCR T-45.

Went through an made an update to the PN edition of the mod. Went through and set the new armors into the form lists. Tried my best to match them up where it seemed appropriate so if you think some should change let me know.  

Threw in the Enclave T-51b as a little bonus look for "Trainees" of the Enclave. Update now places a few trainees out into the wilderness with certain patrols. 

Name Changed to NCR Enclave Diversified (NED for short) as the mod mainly focuses on those two factions within New California. While there is some change to T-51b for some BoS members that are minimal (at least right now unless they add more) so the BED was a bit out of place.

Luckly when making an update for the mod found the file pathing was incorrect which would cause a major issue. That has been corrected (surprised no one posted about it).  Since this takes place after the NCR v BoS war that means the NCR should have access to some Power Armored units (they are mentioned as coming from the West in NV as reinforcements). Sets of NCR T-45d and NCR T-51b have been distributed into the level list for a set of NCR Troopers. I do not plan to add Scorched Sierra as even in NV they seemingly had just cracked that engineering hurdle.

Noticed the T-51b did not save the change in AR (FNV's DR stat) so had to correct that. Also changed repair lists for the armors. Done in such a way so as to not cause any conflicts with any other mod.

Stats for the armor are below and I will post screenshots as I work my way through the mod.


Light Salvaged Advanced Power Armor:
DT: 10
FR: 25
RR: 10

Salvaged Advanced Power Armor:
AR: 50
DT: 15
FT: 45
RR: 20
Agi: -1
AP: +15 (Helmet)

Salvaged Tesla Advanced Power Armor
DT: 14
FR: 30
RR: 40
Agi: -1
Energy Weapons: 8
AP: +15 (helmet)

NCR Salvaged T-45d:
AR: 55
DT: 20
FR: 55
Rad: 15
Agi: -2

NCR Salvaged T-51b:
AR: 60
DT: 25
FR: 60
Rad: 30
Agi: -1

AR: 65
DT: 25
FR: 60
RR: 30
Str: +3

Tesla Advanced Power Armor:

Str: +3
AR: 68
DT: 28
Rad Resistance: 80
Fire Resistance: 65
Energy Weapons: +10

Advanced Power Armor:
AR: 70
DT: 30
FR: 70
RR: 40
Str: +4

Advanced Power Armor Mk.II:
AR: 75
DT: 35
FR: 70
RR: 40
Str: +4

Prototype Advanced Power Armor Mk. III:
AR: 78
DT: 38
FR: 76
RR: 65
Str: +4

All the armors full carry themselves except APA3 (it carries all by 10 of its weight) and the NCR armors (they are salvaged).