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Batch file that adds to your inventory 1 of each placed explosives in Fallout New Vegas Vanilla and DLC items
(includes detonator)

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Place the file into your installation Director (where the FalloutNV exe is) NOT your data folder

in game, open the console and type "bat mines" (without the ")

Voila! You have 1 of every placed explosive in Vanilla and DLC New Vegas. This is done so as not to overburden the player. the file is editable, and you can change the 1 to any number you want.

Items by order:

1) C4 Plastic Explosive
2) Time bomb
3) Time bomb, High Yield (Gun Runners' Arsenal)
4) Fat Mine
5) Plasma Mine
6) Powder Charge
7) Demolition Charge (Dead Money)
8) Frag Mine
9) Bottlecap Mine
10) Satchel Charge (Lonesome Road)
11) Pulse Mine
12) MFC Cluster (Gun Runners' Arsenal)
13) Gas Bomb

This batch file is pretty straightforward, and I have done my best to get the numbers correct.