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  1. Audley
    • supporter
    • 222 posts
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    Trying to be constructive here. It would be nice if you actually explained what the patches do, what conflicts they fix, why they fix them, etc. Maybe add some context as to why you felt the need to make these patches. As well as including perhaps a readme or some sort of installation instructions and some load order instructions (if applicable). It also may be good to put some relevant pictures or something instead of what looks to be C-3PO. Lastly, it would make much more sense to put all your patches into one Nexus page so that not only can people find them easier, but it also means that you won't have to manage like 10 different mod pages.
    1. Izdaanya
      • member
      • 33 posts
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      i second this.
      I've been using Coito and AWOP together all along, and never noticed any incompatibilities.
      But I would certainly use a patch for them, IF I knew it did something useful.
    2. didisaan
      • member
      • 134 posts
      • 32 kudos
      Fair points.
      Some patches might need readmes and there needs to be overall instructions.
      The picture is kind of irrelevant isn't it? Nexus wanted a picture and I had that one laying around.

      I chose to split into several mod pages because otherwise the list on the one page would be very long.