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A less boring version of the Courier´s Stash

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UPDATE: Replace for the Courier Stash armors. Fix bug in Vault Girl armor. Change Vault and Mercenary Armor. See pics. Have a option file for Vault 101 too. 

- This mod have 4 new armors (for vanilla body) based on the pre order packs.

- Same stats, it's just something for you to start your adventure and use for a few hours, while you do not get a copy of your favorite armor. But in compensation, it has a helmet for each :3

- This mod does not replace the courier's stach armor, but adds new ones.


See the last image and follow the instructions.


Manual download the file and extract in your new vegas folder. Use a Mod Manager to enable the .esp

You need ALL dlc´s to make this mod works.


I know a thing or two about mashup armors, and I'm pretty sure there must be some problems in the dismemberments, especially in the legs. I will not fix it because it's a annoying thing to do.

Also, MAYBE there is some problem with the arm of the pipboy. Maybe, I did not test it, I don´t use the pipboy.  In that case, this is a problem that I will redouble my efforts to fix, so tell me if you find something wrong.