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now includes all mine type weapons including from fallout 3

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update: would you believe I forgot a few? yeah, I knew I was. in particular, c4 and time bombs. welp, they should be in there now.

another update: I uploaded a fnv only version, find it here: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/65722/


pretty sure I included them all. I have another mod up for new vegas that gave a throwing distance increase to the lonesome road detpack, but now we can have all mines/placable explosives from all dlcs including fallout 3's cryo mines from mothership zeta. I even included the specialized mines from dead money (gas mines and demo charges) which were not included in other mods. so this should be everything, and now you can whip those mines over cover.

I actually was compelled to make this in the middle of playing operation anchorage, where my inventory was limited. I wanted to get a mine over some very nearby cover but didn't have a mod for increasing the throw distance. I downloaded the other mod on the nexus to handle that but decided I should try and modify the throw distance for all the mines in one mod, and as it turns out the other mods miss one or two things.