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Adds workbenches, reloading benches, and Electric hot plates to a number of locations across the Mojave.

Version 1.3 is out which adds benches and hot plates to several more locations. I'm pretty sure I got the last of the player homes.

Permissions and credits
I made two mods: Mojave Outpost Benches, Gun Runners Workbench, and also inspired by Thynar's Lucky 38 - Electric Hot Plate and Reloading Bench, I decided to make a mod that adds workbenches, reloading benches, and electric hot plates to locations all over the Mojave. Mainly player homes. 

If you have a suggestion of a place where I should put a bench or hot plate leave it in the comments and I'll add it if I can find a good spot to put them. 

I may also add optional plugins for locations from mods from time to time. 

This mod adds benches and hot plates to:

  • Added reloading bench and hot plate to the Lucky 38 Presidential Suite.
  • Added benches to Benny's workshop.
  • Added benches and hot plate to the Tops Presidential Suite.
  • Added benches and hot plate to Mojave Outpost.
  • Added workbench to the right of the Gun Runners kiosk.
  • Added benches and hot plate to the Vault 21 player room.
  • Added hot plate to Dino Dee-lite motel room. 
  • Added benches and hot plate to Atomic Wrangler Corner Room. 
  • Added benches and hotplates to the Followers, Brotherhood of Steel, NCR, and Legion safehouses. 
  • Added benches and hot plate to Tops high roller suite. 
  • Added hot plate to Benny's suite.
  • Added benches and hotplate to Bon Vivant Suite in the Ultra-Luxe. 
  • Added workbench and hot plate to the 188 Trading Post. 
  • Added hot plate to Vault 22 entrance. 
  • Added hot plate to Victor's shack. 
  • Added reloading bench to Sloan Machine Shop and hoteplate to Sloan Mess Hall.
  • Added reloading bench and hotplate to Raul's shack.
  • Added benches to Grub n' Gulp Rest Stop.
  • Added reloading bench to Crimson Caravan. 
  • Added reloading bench to Southern Nevada Wind Farm shack.
  • Added reloading bench to NCRCF. 
  • Added reloading bench to Silver Peak Mine Shack.
  • Added reloading bench to Harper's Shack. 
  • Added workbench and hot plate to a room in The Gray.
  • Added second Electric Hot Plate to Mojave Outpost in main building's break room.
  • Added benches to main Nelis hangar.
  • Added benches outside Jacobstown lodge and hot plate in lodge kitchen.
  • Added benches, and campfire by west tents at HELIOS One, and hot plate in Observation Deck.
  • Added reloading bench and hotplate to Mick and Ralph's.
  • Added reloading bench and hotplate to Gibson Scrapyard.
  • Added benches to Silver Rush.
  • Added benches and hotplate to Lucky 38 penthouse.
  • Added benches to Nelson.
  • Added benches outside Nipton general store.
  • Added benches and campfire to Old Mormon Fort.
  • Added benches to Boulder City outside Big Horn Saloon. 
  • Added benches to Bitter Springs.
  • Added benches and hotplate to Ultra-Luxe penthouse. 
  • Added hot plate to NCR Embassy. 
  • Added workbench and hot plate to Abandoned Shack. 
  • Added a Hot Plate and benches to New Vegas Home.

Optional plugins for other mods:

Autumn Leaves - Added benches to Hypatia vault entrance and plate to the vault galley. 
The Untouched Vault - Adds a couple more benches and a hot plate to the vault.
TARDIS - Adds a workbench to the workshop replacing a second table. Also adds a hotplate on the counter in the bedroom. 
Detective Apartment - Adds workbench and reloading bench to Detective Apartment. 
New California - Adds a hotplate to Black Bear Lodge. 

Recommended Mods: 
JIP Improved Recipe Menu - Improves the recipe menu. (Requires NVSE and JIP LN NVSE).
Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - Fixes hundreds of bugs with the game and DLC. 

To install, extract the esp and drop it into your data folder and activate it. To uninstall, delete the esp.

CONFLICTS: I will try to keep this mod as conflict free as possible. If a mod makes a major change to one of these locations then load them below my mod so they win the conflict. Don't use any other mod that adds benches or hot plates to these locations. Mods like Lucky 38 - Electric Hot Plate and Reloading Bench and Lucky 38 Reloading and Cooking are redundant with my mod and will lead to duplicate effects.