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Fix for erratic respawn (or not respawning at all) of all Vendors' containers. For more details, see description.

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Requires main game along with all DLCs.
Mod version 1.4 (Elaborate Edition)
Fix for erratic respawn of all Vendors' inventories (or not respawning at all).
All vendors from the game (including DLCs) have been addressed.

For more detailed information about merchants in the game, see http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout%3A_New_Vegas_merchants.

The info in "Bugs" section related to Gloria Van Graff and Torres trunk is wrong:
"However, in some instances merchants will have their container stored in a different cell, often the same cell they are in. If the container is not properly flagged as a quest item it will not refresh its contents unless the player is in the same cell. Gloria Van Graff and Torres are affected by this issue."

This is not the cause. On the contrary, if the containers are marked as "quest items" they will not properly respawn (at all) or will have erratic "respawns". The culprit is the Obsidian's "brilliant" idea of marking some of the vendors along with their containers as "quest items" and setting their AI as "No low-level processing" (in most cases). According to GECK scripture, "No low level processing" <=> "The NPC does not update its AI unless the player is in the same cell as it." which means that their containers (which are linked to them) will also not properly respawn unless the player is not in the same cell as the vendor.
In the case of The Sink vendor (e.g.), they set 2 containers : an empty container set as "merchant container" which not reset the inventory at all, which means that all the items sold to Sink vendor will remain forever into a non-respawning container and a second one (which respawns) for extra items (ammo, chems, etc.) with an erratic respawn due to the disabled NPC (Sink CIU linked to The Sink vendor).

This mod fixes all aforementioned bugs.
You have 2 versions : Simple and Elaborate Edition.
Vendors Containers Respawn Fix - Simple Edition
Minimum minimorum edition. Only vendors' containers respawns are affected (corrected).
If you have conflicts with your Super Cool Batrachian Face Mod, read the sticky post.
Vendors' Containers Respawn Fix - Elaborate Edition
It solves all aforementioned bugs + other small (great) annoyances.

Extra corrections, tweaks, gameplay improvements (available only in Elaborate Edition):

1. Major correction to Box Ammo, Box Cases, Box Hulls, Box Primers scripts without an extra custom created quest. The number of bullets (cases, hulls, primers, etc.) will be properly correlated with the number of boxes bought (ex. Ammo Box, 5.56mm Surplus, Case Box, .308, etc.). 22 extra scripts related to NPC and some activators (in Van Graffs shop) also tweaked and corrected.

2. Vendors will have +25% increased chance (25% -> 50%) for selling special ammo (hollow point and armor-piercing). Repair cost reduced 30%.

3. The merchants will change their clothes on regular basis. I got bored seeing a vendor that sells top-notch weaponry wearing the same piece of clothing till the next Armageddon.

4. Boomers Cooks, Carter, Cliff Briscoe, Daniel, Dixon, Doc Ada Strauss, Doc Mitchell, Farber, Fitz, The Garrets, Genaro, Gommorah Bartenders, Ike, Jas Wilkins, Johnson Nash, Joshua Graham, Lupe, Michelle (and Samuel), Mr. Holdout, Ralph, Tapper, The Strip street vendor, Tops bartenders, Trudy, Sarah Weintraub and White Gloves bartenders will have more caps for trading.

5. Dr.Usanagi, Etienne, Julie Farkas, Miguel, Quartermaster Bardon, Ralph and Lacey will sell more skill magazines.

6. Gloria VanGraff, Ike, Mick and Ralph, Miguel and Old Lady Gibson will sell (some) of their items on display. No real need to steal them.

7. The Garrets will sell drugs even if James Garret affirms the contrary. Med-X (or Jet for Rushing Water) is necessary, if you want to assume a certain position(s) with Fisto.

8. NVDLC01Narrator, NVDLC02Narrator, NVDLC03Christine, NVDLC03Narrator, NVDLC03Ulysses, NVDLC04Howard, NVDLC04Kid, NVDLC04Narrator, Raquel and Vagrant will have their classes and stats (based on their class) corrected. I am not very fond of Charisma 223 (or 110 or 16) or a kid being an "EnclaveEnergyGuns soldier". Raquel is not a "Village Leader" is a "Boomer" and (the) Vagrant is not a "Vault Dweller" is a "Drunk". "Quest item" flag is also removed.

9. Fix for Blake, Chet, Doc Mitchell, Doctor Henry, Easy Pete, Great Khan Armorer, Isaac, Janet, Joe Cobb, Ringo, Sunny Smiles, Trudy, Vagrant and Van Graff thugs being marked as "Quest items" and "No low level processing" AI (in some cases). If you kill them, their bodies will properly go to Elysium when cells are reset.

10. Fix for Chomp Lewis and Isaac broken AI packages. They will act like human beings not like some bots stuck in certain defense position.

11. The "VanGraff thug" guarding the Silver Rush entrance is now "Simon" and the dead "Powder Ganger" near the entrance to Quarry Junction is "Hawkins" (as they were defined in GECK).

12. Rotface will wear some interesting clothes if you "buy" at least 20 tips from him.

13. The Mick and Ralph's and Silver Rush criers will also wear decent clothing not some awful rags. Mick and Ralph sell expensive weapons, probably (most surely) they could spend some extra caps for buying some Pre-War clothing for the poor child.

14. The Strip Vending Magazines Machines will re-stock every 3 days with random skill magazines.

15. Hijacked unused container for Ike (Boulder City), he will no longer share the same container with Trudy.

16. Nuka-Cola Vending Machine (The Sink) has been re-activated. Every 3 days it will be magically restocked with 3 Nuka-Cola(s) (regular), 3 Quantum(s), 3 Quartz and 3 Nuka-Cola Victory. You have to buy them, they are not free.

17. Increased chance (10% -> 66%) of finding special Nuka-Cola(s) (Quantum, Quartz and Victory) in Nuka-Vending machines (fridges, etc.).

18. New Nuka-Grenade recipe, "Nuka-Grenade, Classic". You can craft it using Nuka-Cola Quantum instead of Nuka-Cola Quartz.

19. GrenadeNukaFireBurst Explosion much more potent. It will have the same ratio (Force/Damage) as a Plasma Grenade, 0.82 instead of 0.017.

20. Cliff Briscoe will sell (one time) 3 interesting hides which will help you to crafting some interesting light armors before finishing HH DLC.

21. You will find a H&H Tools nail gun (33% condition) in one of the tool boxes (along with some nails) inside the H&H Tool Company before finishing Lonesome Road DLC (1st floor).

22. Fix for Gun Runners Vendorton not selling Pulse and Plasma grenades for grenade launchers.

23. The Sink Vendor will sell Pulse and Plasma grenades (for 25mm and 40mm grenade launchers), pulse slugs (12ga and 20ga), flechette and Dragon's Breath ammo and Explosive ammo every 3 days. Bring your beloved Thump-Thump and wreak havok among those pesky Robo-Scorpions.
You can also use another mod of mine "EMP Effect Pulse Slug Incendiary Ammo Fix" for increased damage against robots (and not only). Place it after "Vendors Containers Respawn Fix".

24. Commissary Vendors will also sell Plasma grenade ammo and Explosive ammo.

25. Fix for Little Buster body appearing "ad calendas graecas" in Freeside, if you finished "Three Cards Bounty" quest. His body will disappear on next cell load, if you took the "Cram Opener" from his body.

26. Various corrections to leveled items lists.

...and much more!

1. The cycle for resetting the inventory is 3, 4, 3, 4, 3, 4...days. If the inventories were reset on 1st day and the next reset will be on 4th day, the next reset will be on 8th day and so forth. That's the way it works, I didn't invent the system, I only corrected it. No longer need to wait in the front of them, just install this mod and continue your adventure.
2. After installing this mod, if you cannot interact with some NPCs or they appear naked:
open the console -> click on NPC -> type resurrect -> Enter -> close the console and you'll be more than happy.
3. The economic system will not break, if you have over 1000000 caps in your inventory. Although you can sell over 1000000 caps, your Pip-Boy will show only "1000000+ caps" regardless the number of caps you might have. The last 2 screenshots were taken legit.
New in version 1.3 (Elaborate Edition only)
The info in "Other interaction" section in http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Jack_(Great_Khans) is wrong.
Jack will not sell the new chems, even if you taught him.
Although YUP dealt with the issue, I found a better solution without the help of 5 custom-created global values, modifying the VMS46SCRIPT (script responsible for "Aba Daba Honeymoon" quest) and modifying the content of his inventory (VendorContainerJackDrugs) by adding a custom-created chem list (containing other 7 custom-created entries) and deleting the vanilla chems lists (VendorChemsDrugs100).
1. Jack will not sell Hydra before learning the recipe.
2. Jack will sell Hydra, Party Time Mentats, Rocket, Slasher and Super Stimpaks, if you taught him all 5 new chem recipes.
3. You can use the terminal in Lucky 38 suite as an extra vendor. Its inventory will be reset every 3 days (n/a before).
The Suite's upgrades will be sold one time only.
4. Gloria will sell the items exposed. Some of them will become player's property, if you kill her during Cass' quest.
5. Silver Rush will become player's property, if Gloria is dead. The beds inside will not grant you the "Well Rested" bonus.
6. Fix for Gloria's vendor caps, if she has more than 7000 caps in her inventory. She will have maximum 7000 caps for trade (as intended).
New in version 1.4 (Elaborate Edition only)
1. VStripMagazineVendingMachineScript simpler and more effective.
2. VFSAtomicWranglerCrier is no longer "Vault Dweller", is "Prostitute". Her stats also corrected. I'm not very fond of a character with Charisma 169 (as seen in editor).
3. The good old lady Ruby Nash is no longer "Vault Dweller", is "Settler". She will regularly change her clothes because she can.
4. You will find "True Police Stories" magazines in loot and vendors may sell them (7.14% chance).
5. Carton of cigarettes and Pack of cigarettes loot improved.
Inhale... exhale... and take a sip from your trusted Vault Canteen. Filled with Bourbon, of course.

Have fun.

My tests of this mod.
The odor of 2 Santal burning sticks.

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