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Decreases the time it takes for the game to automatically load your last save when you die from 5 seconds to just 2.

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This mod lowers the player death-cam duration from 5 seconds to just 2 seconds. 5 seconds is too damn long to stare at my own corpse. I don't need 5 whole seconds to let my untimely demise sink in. 2 seconds is about all it takes for your body to collapse, and then it should be time to move on with your life (haha get it?)
I strongly recommend using this alongside Realtime Player Death, although that mod also makes a change to the death-cam duration (increasing it to 10 seconds) so make sure this mod is loaded after Realtime Player Death in your load order if you intend to use both.

Demonstration video (note that I'm also using Realtime Player Death in this video):