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Ever wish you could just walk up to any non-hostile NPC you don't like and blow him/her away with a single shot? This mod lets you do just that.

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There's a lot of not-necessarily-hostile NPCs in the game that deserve a bullet to the head as soon as you meet them. Benny, Joe Cobb, maybe Vulpes Inculta too. However you'll find this is actually quite difficult to do because, under normal circumstances, you'll have put at least 2-3 bullets in them straight to the head before they go down, making for some very unsatisfying executions. There are some workaround for this that can help alleviate the problem, like using a mod that increases weapon damage multipliers, temporarily lowering the game difficulty, or exploiting sneak crits, but I figured "why go through all that trouble?" So this mod provides a workaround of sorts for this very particular problem, by adding a hidden perk to the player via a script once the game is loaded.

Providing some conditions are met, you'll be able to walk up to any NPC you don't like and just blast them away with a single pull of the trigger (or a single smash/slash/punch if that's more your style) regardless of how powerful your weapon is or how much health the target has.
What are these conditions you ask? Well, here they are.
-You have to be within spitting distance of the target (in other words, no farther than about 3 yards from them(2.7 meters for you foreigners))
-You can not already be in combat
-You can not be sneaking (to prevent sneaky exploits against otherwise hostile targets)
-The target must be human (i.e. an NPC; animals and robots won't count)

I whipped this mod together real quick for my own latest playthrough of the game, but I figured someone else might get a kick out of it as well. Some people might see a mod like this as cheating, but I think it's a perfectly fair compromise between realism and gameplay balance.
Enjoy and blast away!

Bugs: might let you complete damage challenges a little too fast. If this bothers you, just avoid using weapons related to those challenges when executing enemies. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here's a basic demonstration video