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Adds a lore friendly stand alone experimental lever rifle to the game. Can be found at any ranger station.

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UPDATE!! New mesh design with different ironsights and removes the carry handle to help with accuracy

This mod adds the Service Repeater rifle to the game. between 3 and 6 can be found at each of the NCR Ranger Stations.

This is my first NifSkope edited weapon so bare with me as there are some flaws that I may or may not be able to get to fixing. The biggest one being that the ironsights are a good bit higher than where the bullet actually hits, so while it has good accuracy, it's a real pain to use (You're going to have to aim a bit above the target to find your mark). Rather than give up, I added a little lore for you to read. It makes for good lore I think.

The service Repeater was a failed attempt to standardize the small arms used by the NCR Rangers who always opted to carry various lever rifles as opposed to the standard service rifles. This led to problems in supplying the Rangers adequately with various caliber ammunition. To combat this problem, the NCR Government contracted the Gun Runners to design a weapon that both met the standard for the 5.56 ammunition adopted by the NCR Army and catered to the Ranger's taste for a repeater.

When the first batch was issued to rangers, they were met with countless complaints including but not limited to: uncomfortable design, feeding problems due to the nature of the ammo and fixed box magazine, poor ironsight design that led to horrible inaccuracy, and overall hideous design of the rifle.

Thus the venerable Service Repeater can be found at many Ranger outposts in pristine condition as they've sat untouched by the Rangers who continue to use their old various repeaters.

Enjoy the mod!