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A simple mod that greatly reduces the min spread on most of the weapons in-game to improve the shooting experience in Fallout : New Vegas. This mod should not be used alone because it would greatly overpower all automatic weapons. Some recoil mod is highly recommended to go along. I will include compatibility patches soon.

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Fallout New Vegas' spread system is... weird. It kind of made sense in Fallout 3 because there were no iron sights in the game so the randomness of the shots was reasonable. New Vegas introduces iron sights mainly for aesthetic reasons but does not remove the spread mechanics from the game which makes no sense since the bullets don't go the way the sights are pointed in. Some weapons have bearable spread values, mostly bolt-action rifles and some pistols. But then there are guns like the 45 submachine gun and the Automatic rifle, both of which have higher spread values than most of the shotguns. SHOTGUNS. It provides balance, but it's lazy balance. Why shouldn't i be able to burst fire a submachine gun and be as accurate as i would with a hunting rifle? My DPS would drop significantly since i'm burst-firing so it would balance out. and guns like the hunting rifle would still be better at long range because of the high per-shot damage and the ability to equip scopes.

This mod reduces all gun min spread values (except for shotguns and some exceptions like the Minigun and the gatling laser)  down to 0.1 - 0.01. Generally you shouldn't feel much of a difference anywhere below 0.1 unless you're dealing with extremely long ranges. This practically eliminates all randomness of the shots that are being fired. 

This alone would make automatic weapons overpowered since you could put down many shots down range very fast and eliminate any relevance of slow firing weapons. To compensate i would highly recommend installing a mod that adds a recoil mechanic in game. My personal favorite is Real Recoil 

NOTE: This mod does significantly affect deadliness of enemies that are using automatic weapons. But from my experience it's nothing game breaking. Just find some cover, throw some grenades and just play tactically.

OPTIONAL FILE: Improved shotguns: shotguns in video games are always nerfed in a way that they lose any effectiveness very quickly the further away your opponents are. This is generally justified since shotguns usually deal more damage than any other weapons. The problem is - New Vegas' shotguns are not that great, especially if you don't have the shotgun surgeon perk. This optional file reduces shotgun spread values to resemble real life a bit more. Of course now you will have to aim properly in close range, but that is just one drawback for this change.

Compatibility patches coming soon depending on how much you guys like my mod. Currently working on a jsawyer (read below) and project nevada patch.

UPDATE: this mod works perfectly fine with jsawyer and project nevada if not using the equipment module. I'm currently working to make this mod compatible with the module as well.

This is my first mod ever so please go easy on me :P. (just kidding - drag me as hard as you want. I need to improve)