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Full auto Plasma rifle. shoots fast and hits hard!

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Installation instructions!
- download the mod manually and install it via nmm, or fomm, if that doesnt work.  create a new folder and named it "DATA" extract the contents of the mod. and place it inside the data folder you had just created it. then archived it use RAR4 or zip. do not use the just rar. selection. now install it with your favorite mod installation manager.


-Fixed a bug where the gun turns transparent on certain parts.
-Changed the Reverse engineered Alien plasma rilfe's appearance now it actually looks different.
-increased firing speed and power of the Reverse Engineered Plasma Rifle.


-Adds  the plasma cartridge cell to the Reloading bench recipe list. so now you can create more ammo for your gun.
 this includes the overcharged and max charge. 

Final Notes.

-It seems some people cant download this mod via NMM.  heres the solution for those.
Download the mod manually and install it with either NMM,Fomm, or Mod manager.

(Do not Install this mod Manually!) via drag and drop.

the Prototype Plasma Rifle is a mod that i made using nifksope and blender. and has been probably inspired by doom.
any way this adds two (2) Plasma rifles to the game of which can be found in either Rauls Prison. and a unique one
just outside of jacobstown, off the beaten path. look for a bunch of aliens fighting a horde of cazador's  and look for a corpse of a certain Major.
the weapons specifically the normal one can be obtained on certain npc's or be bought at gun runners. both guns use Plasma Cartridge Cells as ammo
however depending on which ammo you use will have different effects.