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This is my update for Macintroll mod Vault22FloraOverhaul. (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/54472)
Macintroll mod isn't finished and has some bugs. As Macintroll doesn't follow anymore his children, and as this mod is one of my top10, i decided to correct it.

Traduit en Français -> https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods

Permissions and credits
There are 2 .esp: "Vault22FloraOverhaul_Update.esp" and "Vault22FloraOverhaul_Update_NoRadroach.esp"
*******************************************USE ONLY ONE esp*************************************************

Common changes to both modules:

- The main problem with the mod is that Keely dies because there are two mantis in her hiding place. I have removed the mantis, and now keely should survive.

- She is a doctor, but she survive in a vault full of hostile creatures. How can she survive without a weapon?? Now she has a weapon!

- I have added icons to the pipboy for 3 misc items that hadn't.

- Another strange things are the DLC needed. Why? Nobody knows... So i have removed the DLC dependency.

- I had a CTD with the recipe. No recipe, no CTD^^

- We can find a little 9mm pistol in the vault. That's fine but health of this old weapon is 100%. Not real for an old, dirty gun. Health is less now.

- Remove a script on Cazadors, because there are no Cazadors on Vault 22

Additional change for Vault22FloraOverhaul_Update_NoRadroac.esp:

- I have removed all the Radroach that made crazy or compagnions.

Things i can't do because i don't know how to:

- Change the light outside vault22 entrance
- Change Meshes & textures of the new 9mm pistol (actually the pistol is the same as "Maria").

If you know, you can do it or try to explain me how i can do (not easy, i am french and don't speak english very well).

Ce module en Français -> Floraison de l'abri 22