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Personalizes and partially randomizes the starting equipment Doc Mitchell gives to the player in the tutorial section.

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In Thorough...

This little mod started as a personal project to breathe some spontaneity into the character creation process. I figure I've been using it long enough that one could consider it pretty well-tested, and the results as of writing this seem worthy enough for the discriminating palate of my fine Nexus pals.

It does a couple things. The most minor of which being:

  • The player wakes up with a patient gown, which is subsequently removed when Doc Mitchell hands over his old Vault suit. The obvious corollary to this is that this mod requires Old World Blues. But then, you should have Old World Blues anyway, so it's fine. Old World Blues owns.

The second thing requires a bit more examination. The dialogue script where Doc Mitchell provides all of the player's starter loot has been completely rewritten to accommodate a handful of extra variables:

  • All players receive a decent starter kit, composed of 6 bobby pins, 18 caps, 4 stimpacks, a pair of binoculars, and 2 random miscellaneous items for flavor.

  • All players receive a random hat and a random outfit (presumably what they wore to the grave.) Nothing high-level, and nothing that provides any unfair stat boosts that couldn't also be acquired by looting Doc Mitchell's house. The player will still receive the Vault 21 starter outfit as normal. I don't consider this lore-breaking; the way I figure it, Mitchell is just being courteous by providing the player with an alternative outfit that isn't caked in dirt (and blood and brain matter, and the works).

  • All players start out with a caravan lunch, two purified waters, 2 random food items, and 1 random drink. This is definitely a good handful of food, but it's not significantly more than the player can pilfer from Mitchell's house. For players like me who prefer to not rob the good doctor blind, this makes things more painless. Not to mention, it's a more plausible meal plan for a Vegas-bound trek across the desert than a handful of stimpacks.

  • If the player has taken the Four Eyes perk, they will receive and immediately be equipped with a pair of reading glasses. There's already a usable pair in Mitchell's house, but again, I prefer not to rob the old boy.

  • Depending on whether the player has tagged Science, Medicine, or Survival, they will receive a small portion of different aid and miscellaneous supplies. For the sake of keeping players from tagging all three and then receiving a ridiculous amount of aid, you'll only be able to reap the benefits of one. The output's order of priority is Medicine > Science > Survival.

  • The Medicine output is 2 extra stimpacks, 1 doctor's bag, and 1 random surgical item.

  • The Science output is 2 Hydras, 1 random surgical item, and 1 random miscellaneous "science-y" item. Hydra is a pretty powerful chem to have two of, and most of the "science-y" items can sell for a decent starting profit, so that's how I justify this one.

  • The Survival output is 2 antivenoms and 2 random steaks.

  • If the player has tagged Repair, they will start with 1 weapon repair kit and 2 random miscellaneous repair items (think anything you could find in an in-game tool box.)

  • If the player has tagged Barter, they will start with 57 extra bottle caps (for a total of 75.)

  • If the player has tagged neither Guns nor Energy Weapons, they will start with the default 9mm pistol and 2 clips of ammo (26 bullets.) Otherwise, if the player has tagged Guns, they will receive 2 extra clips of ammo (for a total of 52 bullets), or a laser pistol with 2 clips of ammo (60 small energy cells) if they tagged Energy Weapons. The player can only utilize one bonus (the output prioritizes Guns over Energy Weapons.)

  • If the player has tagged Explosives, they will start with 6 sticks of dynamite and 2 powder charges.

  • If the player has tagged Unarmed, they will start with boxing tape as opposed to a pair of boxing gloves (a pretty silly weapon of choice.) If the player has tagged Melee Weapons, they will start with a police baton as opposed to a straight razor (a bit of a flavor choice for me, but I think it makes more professional sense for a Courier to prefer a standardized, dedicated bludgeoning tool over a barber utensil as their weapon of choice.) The output prioritizes Unarmed.

And yeah, that's about the whole nine yards.

Complementary Mods.

I feel that this mod is utilized best with the following mods:

JSawyer Ultimate Edition by PushTheWinButton or Couriers Stash Integration by TheSilenced because otherwise you're already going to have enough starter loot to sustain a small town militia, and this whole venture will have been pointless. And with that said, I also recommend that you load this after JSawyer.

Clean Character Creation by mastahbossu or Character Creation Streamlined by Ladez to make the process that much swifter. I recommend that you load my mod after Ladez's, though, or you'll risk not receiving your specialized loot.

Simple DLC Delay by mastahbossu because it never hurts to lose all the message spam.

Vanilla Intro Plus by axonis for that sweet, sweet flavor (and to hopefully avoid the inevitable questions of whether or not this mod is compatible with it (it is!))

Alternative Mods.

In case you are respectfully unimpressed or otherwise turned off by the array of changes this mod provides, may I suggest the following alternatives?

Patient Gown at Startup by TheCalculator in case you were just here for... well, the patient gown on startup.

Future Plans?

Idk, maybe! Like I said, this was a pet project, and it's just the least bit sloppily thrown together. But for right now, I do think there are still a few extra features I could work in there at some point if I ever find the time and motivation. We'll see!