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Specializes and randomizes the loot given to the player upon finishing the tutorial sequence. Compiles several popular tutorial tweaks. Selecting the Wild Wasteland trait is now a separate menu.

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In Thorough...

This little mod started as a personal project to breathe some spontaneity into the character creation process. I figure I've been using it long enough that one could consider it pretty well-tested, and the results as of writing this seem worthy enough for the discriminating palate of my fine Nexus pals.

It does a variety of things. To start:

  • The player wakes up with a patient gown, which is subsequently removed when Doc Mitchell hands over his old Vault suit. The obvious corollary to this is that this mod requires Old World Blues. But then, you should have Old World Blues anyway, so it's fine. Old World Blues owns. Idea courtesy of the great TheCalculator.

  • The player can skip the interview portion of the tutorial sequence with a new dialogue prompt, courtesy of the lovely ExtremeBias.

  • The player can now select "Two bears high fiving" as a possible answer to the final Rorschach blot. This option will increment the player's tag skill evaluation in favor of Unarmed. Classic! Idea courtesy of the immortalized tehdman.

  • The dialogue window no longer auto-closes once the good doctor has doled out your belongings. Likewise, Doc's goodbye message no longer automatically initiates Back in the Saddle. Both ideas courtesy of the singular Ladez.

  • And my personal favorite feature: Wild Wasteland has now been separated from the trait menu and is selectable in its own menu prompt after leaving dialogue with Doc Mitchell. Now you're free to experience the fun pop cultural deluge of Wild Wasteland without foregoing a precious trait slot.

The final bit requires a bit more examination. The dialogue script where Doc Mitchell provides all of the player's starter loot has been completely rewritten to accommodate a bunch of new variables:

  • All starting equipment is handled by a variety of custom loot lists. Anyone who wants to modify these loot lists will be able to do so without difficulty. I'm always looking out for y'all.

  • Every player still starts out with the default loot: 6 lockpicks, 18 caps, 4 stimpacks, and the Mojave Express order form. However, much has been added to this "starter kit." First, a pair of binoculars. A useful item that it's easy to imagine any sound-minded courier wouldn't be caught dead without. Next, a random hat and outfit in addition to the Vault 21 outfit. I don't consider this terribly inconsistent, since it's easy enough to rationalize that Doc Mitchell was just being polite in offering you an alternative outfit to the one you were literally murdered in. Next, an assortment of food, including one random drink, one random food item, and one guaranteed caravan lunch. Not too overpowered, and a much more reasonable meal plan for a trek across the desert than a handful of stimpacks. Next, one random skill magazine for pleasure. Lastly, an assortment of misc. items. This includes two "flavor items" (think, items that might hold personal significance) and two "trash items" (cans, bottles, etc.). All in all, the courier's default inventory now gives the impression of a person with an actual history, however short-term. Also provides a few useful advantages to the player without de facto compelling them to rob the good Doctor blind.

  • Players who have taken the "Four Eyes" perk will be automatically equipped with a pair of reading glasses. There's already a pair on the Doc's desk, but again, I prefer not to steal from the old boy.

  • Players who haven't tagged a shooting weapon skill will automatically receive a 9mm pistol in modest condition and two magazines of ammunition (26 rounds). Players who've tagged Guns will receive a 9mm pistol in decent condition with four magazines of ammunition (52 rounds). Players who have tagged Energy Weapons will receive a laser pistol in decent condition with one-and-a-half clips of ammunition (45 small energy cells). Players who have selected both will, indeed, receive both outputs.

  • Players who have tagged Melee Weapons will receive a police baton in decent condition as opposed to a straight razor. Maybe this is subjective, but I believe a standardized bludgeoning weapon makes far more professional sense as a courier's weapon of choice than a barber utensil.

  • Players who have tagged Unarmed will receive a roll of boxing tape in decent condition as opposed to a pair of boxing gloves (which, frankly, makes for a terribly silly (and useless) starting weapon).

  • Players who have tagged Explosives will receive 6 sticks of dynamite, 2 sticks of long-fuse dynamite, and 2 powder charges. Explosives is already a terribly niche combat skill, and I think this allows a bit more flexibility to players starting out with it. How does the player have powder charges without first knowing the recipe? Well, I like to imagine they merely defused a couple of the many active powder charges on the road from Primm to Goodsprings.

  • Players who have tagged Barter will receive 50 additional bottlecaps (for a total of 68).

  • Players who have tagged Lockpick will receive 6 additional lockpicks (for a total of 12).

  • Players who have tagged Medicine will receive 2 additional stimpacks (for a total of 6) and 1 doctor's bag.

  • Players who have tagged Repair will receive 2 weapon repair kits and 2 random crafting items in the repair class (think, anything you could find inside an in-game tool box).

  • Players who have tagged Science will receive 2 bags of RadAway, 1 bottle of Rad-X, and 1 syringe of Hydra.

  • Players who have tagged Sneak will receive 1 Stealth Boy.

  • Players who have tagged Speech will receive 3 additional random skill magazines (for a total of 4). I admit, this is a weirdly incongruous bonus, but I couldn't really come up with anything else that was balanced or remotely tantalizing. I'm open to suggestions for a small future update!

  • Players who have tagged Survival will receive 2 gecko steaks and 2 gecko hides.

  • Unlike the last version, all tagged skills are provided bonuses, and the bonuses are diverse enough that the player can now stack them without being too overpowered, in my view. For instance, players can now tag Survival, Science, and Medicine and receive the bonuses of all three.

And yeah, that's about the whole nine yards.

Complementary Mods.

I feel that this mod is utilized best with the following mods:

JSawyer Ultimate Edition by PushTheWinButton or Couriers Stash Integration by TheSilenced because otherwise you're already going to have enough starter loot to sustain a small town militia, and this whole venture will have been pointless. And with that said, I also recommend that you load this after JSawyer.

Clean Character Creation by mastahbossu to make the process that much easier.

Simple DLC Delay by mastahbossu because it never hurts to lose all the message spam.

Vanilla Intro Plus by axonis for that sweet, sweet flavor (and to hopefully avoid the inevitable questions of whether or not this mod is compatible with it (it is!))

Alternative Mods.

In case you are respectfully unimpressed or otherwise turned off by the array of changes this mod provides, may I suggest the following alternatives?

Patient Gown at Startup by TheCalculator in case you were just here for... well, the patient gown on startup.

Character Creation Streamlined by Ladez because it is sadly no longer compatible as of version 2.0. But if my take on the tutorial sequence is a little too much for you, Ladez's is sure to win out, I think.

Skip Doc Mitchell's Exam by ExtremeBias if all you're here for is skipping the good doctor's cumbersome interview.

Two Bears High-Fiving by tehdman for that truly classic dialogue addition.