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Extention to Darnified UI, adds compatibility to higher resolution icons, adds the "Texture Preload" feature from VUI+, adds compatibility to color change in the main menus and loading screens.

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The color of the fonts in the loading screen is still amber, this will eventually be fixed. Report all issues if you want a better experience.

What does this mod do?

- Compatibility/Scaling support to the higher resolution icons.
- The color in the main menus/loading screens are changeable, an alternative to this mod, except that this version doesn't cause bugs. Example, hovering over "QUIT" now glows red (as Darn intended), instead of nothing at all. Kinda weird considering when you hover every other texts - they glow white. It's the small things.
- Preload UI textures to RAM: Every time you are in a new cell, textures need to be reloaded - which includes the UI textures. This tweak
makes it so that certain textures are always loaded. They have done studies, you know... 60% of the time, vats should be instantaneous every time ;)

What does this mean? Every time you open for the first time - something like the container menu, VATS or companion wheel in a new cell, you'll experience a slight lag. The second time you open a container menu or companion wheel, the lag is gone! However, with this tweak, you will no longer experience that slight lag in the first place!