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This mod adds a some portable assault drones helix propelled.

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This mod adds various assault drones to the game. There will be portable drones and a hackeable stronger drone. You can find the FO3 version and a video here in nexus: Assault Drones


These drones can be bought to Karl the engineer at his workshop in Good Springs. They weight 30 pounds and will be stored in the aid section of your inventory. On use, they will follow you till they are destroyed. They are disposable and they dont heal after combat. They will respwan in the inventories of Karl the engineer every three days. You can buy more when you run out of them.


You will find it wandering the Karl's work shop. If your science skill is over 80, you can give it orders, otherwise, you wont be able to interact with it. This drone is stronger than any other assault drone and heal after combat.
With version 1.01 or higher the Assault Drone MK II will level with you.
In version 1.03 I fixed the package issues of the Assault Drone MK II
With version 1.04 I reduced a bit the damage of the drone. It was actually a bit OP.


- Now all drones are equipped with automatic weapons. They use 556mm projectiles. 
- Reduced drones weight to 20 pounds so you can carry more of them.
- Increased their movement speed.

   As usual, extract the .rar in your FONV data folder and check the .esp in your FOMM or in your FONV Launcher.   
   Make sure you have installed ArchiveInvalidation or FOMM (or new meshes wont work properly)


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