About this mod

Adds a player home loosely based on the home of Skinner from The Simpsons, as seen in the famous Steamed Hams sketch.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds a brand new player home, loosely based on the home of Skinner from The Simpsons - specifically, as it was seen in the famous Steamed Hams sketch. Originally intended as a quick & dirty setup for a machinima, it eventually ballooned into a full-blown house mod project with a lot of custom assets.

It can be accessed through the unique snowglobe found in the Goodsprings Schoolhouse. It features a number of objects that can be interacted with, as well as a bunch of random items that can be used as weapons - just because. See if you can find them all!

Note: In version 0.9, the house doesn't yet have the bathroom finished (it's currently inaccessible). The production of the mod already took me almost 2 months, and I would like to both rest and to make sure that my progress doesn't get lost before I get to finishing the work and actually making the machinima.

Installation / Uninstallation

Nothing unusual, just put the files in the corresponding folders in your Data folder, and then checkmark the mod in the Data Files menu in the game's launcher.

To uninstall, simply delete the files.


- All DLCs, with the exception of the Gun Runners' Arsenal and the Courier's Stash

- New Vegas Script Extender

- JIP LN NVSE Plugin, version 52.30 or higher

Version History

* 0.9 (07.08.2018):

- Initial release.


ZuTheSkunk: The mod, many of the custom models and textures
The Simpsons: The sketch the mod is based on, Krusty Burger logo
Jokerine: Various props (some of which were modified)
Odin_ml: Animated light switch model
NeilMc_NMC: A few of the textures
Various royalty-free websites: Parts of various textures
Kevin MacLeod: TV music
MrAuralization: Coffee maker sound effect
Ermens: Truck stopping sound effect
Tieswijnen: Stove fire sound effect
Geronimogeronimo: Glass impact sound effects
Bormane: Fridge sound effect
Fillsoko: Pouring sound effect
Kwahmah-02: Doorbell sound effect
Theshaggyfreak: Vacuum cleaner sound effects
Botha9johann: Truck driving away sound effect
Jarredgibb: Microwave sound effects
StoryTrust, The Evan Project & Baby Lamb Creations: Phonecall sound effects
Garrett Williamson: Pizza delivery man voice
MadMongo: Microwave design on which my custom model and texture is based
Monolith Productions: Zap Cola design
Mac, Jamilla & Jack Weijiesen: Help with some of the meshes
Devilswish: Vacuum cleaner's pull mechanic script
Hopper31: Vacuum cleaner's lowered ammo consumption script

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