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adds JC Shirt and Jeans from the Fallout 4 mod to New Vegas

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Basically: this adds Jordan1q2's popular Shirt and Jeans mod to New Vegas, for both couriers. There's also an optional replacer for Daniel's gear.


This fun new mod includes 6 different colored shirts with blue jeans and shoes to Jeanie May's safe in the Dino Dee-Light Motel Lobby in Novac. You either have to [highlight for spoiler]kill her during Boone's recruitment quest[/spoiler] or wait for her to leave the lobby and pick the lock/unlock it with the console. There are five copies of each outfit in the safe. Nothing else is removed or added, so quest items are still there.

THIS MOD is compatible with anything that does not alter the contents of Jeanie May's safe. It DOES NOT require Honest Hearts.

As of right now there is a BNB version, a Type6M version up (courtesy of BrysonPlays2020 and myself) and a Breeze Male version; there's also a Roberts male version, thanks to AusAllerWelt! You require EITHER bnb (for the bnb mesh) or Type6M/Type6/Type3 for female, and Breeze or Roberts for male.

Note: I reduced the mesh vertices/faces in order to get it to play nicely with New Vegas and actually port for me, since having anything too super high never wanted to port. Ergo, it may look less HQ than the original mod. Sorry for that. Except not really. Worship my miracle you fools.

Daniel Replacer

Replaces the Daniel outfit. This replaces both versions, and I won't be doing an altered esp that replaces only fCourier, so don't ask. THAT esp REQUIRES HONEST HEARTS.


Install and activate manually, or use your favorite mod manager.


Jordan1q2 for the Original Mod this is based off of
BrysonPlays2020 for the T6M
thaumx for the BNB body which I have grown quite attached to as my player character's body
Izumiko for T6M
so give 'em both a kudo


q. blah blah how to find
a. read the main body of the text pls

q. blah blah purple textures/exclamation meshes
a. didn't install textures/meshes if your mm failed install them manually

q. compatible with [x/y/z]
a. check that your mod doesn't alter the contents of jeanie may's safe in the dino dee-light motel lobby cos if it does then it will conflict