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A small fix for dogs' heads not exploding from a shotgun blast (and not only).

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Mod version 1.0
If you didn't notice, the dogs' heads will not explode even if you fire your shotgun right between their eyes.
All other heads that "walks" across the Mojave Wasteland explode, only dogs have their heads made from Titanium - Uranium depleted alloy.
Their heads will be lopped only, regardless of bullet fired.
I find this a little bit (more) weird.

This fix fixes that.
All "canine" animals will be affected. To be more specific, Legion/Zion mongrels, Vicious/Wild/Large Wild/Fiend dogs and coyotes.
Feel free to use in any of your mods. A credit or a sweet roll wouldn't hurt, IF you do that.

A good doggie without style.

Many thanks to:
Nexus - for alleviating our compulsive oversharing illness.