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Moves stuff around, adds clothes to his dresser, adds a workbench and reloading bench and replaces weapons found in his house and more.

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Initial release:
  • Moves clutter
  • Adds Workbench and Reloading bench
  • Replaces Laser pistol with "Mitchell's Laser Pistol"
  • Replaces Broken 9mm Sub Machinegun with "Mitchell's 9mm SMG"
  • Adds Wasteland Doctor Fatigues and Wasteland Surgeon Outfit to Doc Mitchell's Dresser
  • Removes Yeast
  • Updates:

      Version 1.1
      • -Moves clutter
      • -Removes burned books
      • -Bugfixes
      • -GRA DLC no longer required
      • -Removes stains
      • -Removes Cram
      Version 1.2
      • -Moves clutter
      • -Adds skill books pertaining to Doc Mitchell's tagged skills (Barter, Medicine, Science)
      • -Removes assorted papers
      • -Removes paperweights
      Version 1.3
      • -Organizes books
      • -Adds lamps (improves lighting) 
      Version 1.4
      •  Removes lamps
      •  Fixes broken lights
      •  Improves lighting