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Fix for not granting XP when using Pulse Slugs and Incendiary Ammo. EMP effects against robots "de-nerfed".

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Requires main game along with Old World Blues, Lonesome Road and Gun Runners Arsenal DLCs installed.
Mod version 1.2
1. Fix for not granting XP when using Pulse Slugs and Incendiary Ammo (incl. Dragon's Breath). EMP effects corrected and improved ("de-nerfed").
  • Your targets are killed by the scripts (running on ammo) which, upon impact, cast a "spell" (DOT effect in case of Incendiary ammo or damage the health directly in case of Pulse slugs), so the engine "considers" that your targets "committed suicide". That's why you don't get XP and the general stats in your Pip-Boy are not updated (Creatures Killed, People killed, Total kills) when using this particular ammo.
  • NPCs wearing Metal Armors will be affected too, if you use EMP weapons against them. If you keep a metallic rod in your hand outside, during a lightning storm, you could get fried. Badly.
  • You will be also affected by EMP effect, if you wear Power or Metal Armors. A Pulse Grenade does not choose its target, you choose.
2. 50MG Incendiary Ammo effect is much more powerful than before (x4).
3. FlamerEffectScript responsible for flames and smoke when using Incendiary Ammo, tweaked for a little extra kick.
4. NVDLC04WearArcWelderEffectEnch (Electrocution effect) improved. Added some nice extra electric shaders for a little bit more "oomph".
5. Minor tweak to 50MG Explosive Ammo.
6. Arc Welder weapon's decay decreased x3 => weapon durability increased x3. Take it as a bonus.
New in version 1.1
1. Cut the Gordian Knot with my trusted Katana.
  • "De-nerfed" the EMP effect against all type of robots.
  • The damage ratio (Robots/Power Armors) for OWB Pulse Guns is increased by 10%, based on vanilla Pulse Gun ratio (250/110). OWB Sonic Emitters will deal 50 extra damage against all robots (not only 20 for OWB robots) and 22 extra damage against Power and Metal Armors. Plain and simple.
  • The bonus EMP effect is very clear (at least for me) "EMP - Bonus Damage vs. Robots, Power Armor" NOT "EMP - Increased Bonus Damage vs. Mojave Wasteland Robots, Reduced Bonus Damage against Big MT Robots, Bonus Damage against Cyberdogs (Rex included), Bonus Damage against Power Armors (NCR Salvaged Power Armor excluded)". Therefore, the Pulse grenades/mines will deal 200 damage against all robots and 80 damage against all Power and Metal Armors. NCR Salvaged Power Armor is still a Power Armor, despite being tagged only as "Heavy". It looks like a Power Armor, it acts like one and it is metallic too.
  • Cyberdogs are not robots, they are animals, so, OWB Cyberdogs will no longer be affected by the Pulse Gun (Sonic Emitters) or another EMP weapon.
2. Increased weapon durability for LAERs and Elijah's Advanced LAER (75->125, 50->90) based on tweaks made by JSawyer for this weapon.
3. Pulse Gun projectile is no longer a beam, it is a sonic projectile (kind of a "ball").
4. Changed the pick up/drop sound for Pulse Mines. They will no longer sound like a cork pulled from a bottle of wine when you throw your last mine or sell them in a batch.
Tip: You can completely disregard those lame Sonic Emitters. Bring your trusted Pulse Gun with you and all OWB robots will get fried very bad.
New in version 1.2
1. PulseDisableMagicEffect (responsible for smoke and electric shaders) in Pulse Gun will have 8s duration as other EMP effects. It was 0 (zero).
2. "GRA" acronym eliminated from Explosive ammo, Dragon's Breath/Flechette ammo, Pulse slugs, EMP/Plasma/Timed grenades.
(ex. 25mm Grenade, Pulse instead of 25mm Grenade, Pulse (GRA) ). There is a reason behind it.

Have fun.

JSawyer Mod.
Yol Toor Shul.
My Fire helmet.

Many thanks to:
Nexus - Fus Ro Dah.