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This mod adds a big animated zeppelin that flies around the Lucky 38 tower and is inspired in my mod BOS zeppelins for FO3.

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When Mr House knew about the zeppelins I built for the BOS in the east coast, he called me immediatly and told me:
- Son, I want you tu build me a zeppelin and I want it now. I don't want a flying trash can like those you built for the BOS, but a big and fancy one. 
- Ok. Mr House. I'll do, but when I finish, I am heading back to capital wasteland.
- Why so hurry?
- I hate the Mojave.
- Ok, son, you've got yourself a deal.

This zeppelin is inspired in my mod "BOS zeppelins" for FO3, but is bigger, moves slower and is different because I made it with FONV resources.It moves around the Lucky 38 tower propelled by its helix in a slow circle.
For more details, images and videos, check my mod for FO3 BOS zeppelins
There are seven references of the Zeppelin so you can see it moving from any location in the Mojave. 


Now the zeppelin is visible from almost any location in the Mojave. As long as you can see the Lucky 38 tower, you will see the zeppelin flying around it.


Extract the .rar in your FONV data folder.


None so far. If you find any, notifiy me and I will fix it ASAP, though I don't visit FONV too frequently. I would say... never.


Bethesda and Nexus community.

Enjoy it.