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About this mod

Adds 8 dungeons, a boss gauntlet, 20+ unique items, and more to FNV!

Permissions and credits
***This mod has recently been added to a compilation which overall adds 20+ dungeons and over 50+ bosses to the Wastes! Check it out here***

Welcome to Mighty Dungeons III - the finale of the series! This mod adds 8 new dungeons, a boss gauntlet, a challenge mode, and many unique items to the game! This sequel is meant to be the ultimate MD experience, with the most overall features and content!

Important Notes

- Only requires Dead Money, Honest Hearts and Old World Blues - you don't need the other Mighty Dungeons mods! (But you can totally play them all together if you wish!)
- This mod is compatible with just about everything, as it only adds dungeons to the game without altering anything.
- All dungeons can be reached from the "Warp Room". The entrance to the Warp Room is behind the red building next to the Boulder City saloon.
- Be sure to play on Hard or Very Hard mode for the best experience!

Gameplay Info

- Prize Boxes - In the Warp Room you can find prize boxes that can only be opened by finding the keys within the dungeons. (Hint: The keys are found exclusively inside containers)
- The Boss Gauntlet - After defeating final encounter in Deep Grave, you get the key to the Boss Gauntlet! Defeat the super versions of all the bosses to get the ultimate prize!
- Challenge Mode - Optional, deadlier versions of all eight dungeons with better loot! (The Challenge Mode warp room becomes available after beating the boss gauntlet)

Install & Uninstall

Install: Install with NMM or just drop the files into your Data folder and activate it in the launcher.
Uninstall: Uninstall with NMM or manually deactivate the .esp and delete it, along with the MightyTextures folder in Data/textures.

The Dungeons

Easy - Recommended player level - 10+

Diseased Junkyard - A junkyard guarded by diseased, frenzied dogs.

Loveheart Sanctum - The den of a crazy cult set on "releasing" people from their torments.

Hard - Recommended player level - 20+

The Round Table - Home to a group of holodisk-gamers who have begun to think they are medieval knights.

War-Torn Ruins - A large blasted-out ruin overrun with super mutants.

Bleak Dream
- A creepy, hostile dream world containing the memories of a man long dead.

Extreme - Recommended player level - 30+

Gentlebreeze Islands -  Seemingly peaceful islands that are actually inhabited by a team of snipers.

Lair of the Zombie King - The ghouls in this lair despise the humans who mock them, and are planning to take over New Vegas.

Deep Grave - An abandoned burial site, filled with a mixture of powerful creatures.


Thanks to GMQUilmata for their ideas of the Round Table dungeon and unique textured items!
Thanks to wh1msydevIant for their idea of an optional challenge!
Thanks to Ken's Gaming on YouTube for their valuable feedback on my mods, helping make this one the best it can be!