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Unique weapon expansion and spiritual successor to gun runners arsenal. Adds 15 Unique weapons to gun runners, with most of them having their own unique textures and niche

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Long shot- unique anti material rifle. No critical chance or damage and no vats. To offset this the rifle does a huge amount of damage, and can be utilized for crippling limbs at a distance. Made for those who like sniping without one shoting everything with sneak attacks

Sally- Unique 9mm pistol. General all around upgrade

40mm grenade apw- 40mm variant of the 25mm grenade launcher

Hand cannon-  50 cal variant of "that gun" similar in feel to the ranger sequoia 

Zangetsu: unique black bladed katana. Able to pierce through armor with its energy

Longinus: Laser sniper rifle/canon  uses same model as the holorifle

Papaw's war rifle:  556 variant of the automatic rifle from dead money with a bit more accuracy

Buzzsaw: Unique light machine gun with larger magazine and damage

Backstabber: Unique combat knife. almost no critical chance, but huge critical damage. Suited for stealth assasinations

laser rcw MK3: higher damage and fire rate variant. additionally penetrates armor

devastator: unique shoulder mounted machine gun. Fires 20 gauge shotgun shells at a slow fire rate but still fully automatic. devastates low armored enemies.

Problem solver: unique riot shotgun

Old betsy: unique cowboy repeater. Made for crit builds

Onery ronnie: unique lever action shotgun in 12 gauge instead of the usual 20 guage

Megumin: unique red glare. Fires 3 missiles in full auto