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Refines the loot available from the various hollowed-out rocks found throughout the Mojave and Zion. Tracks all rocks the player has found in a new "Cache Master" challenge seen in the Pip-Boy.

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In Thorough...

There are only 42 hollowed-out rock containers present in the Mojave Wasteland proper, and 15 additional rocks throughout Zion. In spite of being so rare and a bit of a hassle to find, these rocks reward vigilant players next to nothing for their efforts. If you're lucky, you'll get some early game ammunition. If you're the average player, you'll probably just find a worthless trinket. And if you're anything like me, you'll have long since given up on bothering to search them for anything remotely valuable.

Well, no longer!

This mod, simply, adds an extra helping of loot lists to all hollowed-out rocks. But if you'd like the nitty-gritty details:

  • Two guaranteed aid drops, which may manifest as chems, alcohol, food, drinks, or healing items. There is a 40% chance for either drop to be a specialized aid cache with specific loot.
  • Two guaranteed ammo drops for all small guns and energy weapons, including special ammo such as hollow point and overcharge. No heavy weapon (besides 5mm) or grenade launcher ammo, sorry. There is an additional separate ammo drop for players with the Scrounger perk.
  • 33% chance that a rock will have a decent currency cache. One of these caches is affected by the Fortune Finder perk.
  • 75% chance that a rock will contain a decent early game firearm with a handful of ammo. Two of the five possible firearm drops require a minimum player level of 3 for balance.
  • 50% chance that a rock will contain a decent early game melee weapon with flavor clutter. One of the five possible drops requires a minimum player level of 5.
  • 20% chance that a rock will contain an explosives cache. Two of the five possible drops require a minimum player level of 5.
  • One guaranteed skill magazine drop, with a 20% chance of an additional skill magazine drop.
  • Two guaranteed small clutter item drops with a 50% chance of an additional high value clutter item drop.

Additionally, a new challenge is added to the Pip-Boy: "Cache Master"! This is mainly to help players keep track of how many of the possible rocks they've found in both the Mojave and Zion (57 total). However, a nice little 100xp reward is granted to players who manage to find every last one. Note that this mod does NOT require Honest Hearts, but you won't be able to complete the challenge without it.


It should be noted that mods which add additional rocks to the game will still increment the challenge the same way vanilla rocks do. Consequently, the challenge will no longer reflect the true amount of rocks that can be located throughout the game. Not really a huge issue, but worth remembering for consistency's sake.

Future Plans?

I've been meaning to eventually make an update that adds additional rocks to the game with specific loot and flavor notes. Maybe in 3.0.

I also might consider buffing the reward granted to the player for completing the challenge. Maybe via a special perk?

And finally, I'll have to think about adding more weapons to the weapon drop lists. Right now there are only 11 possible non-throwing weapons that can be obtained from the weapon caches. My reason for this is that I don't want hollowed-out rocks to be too overpowered. The weapon drops currently available are excellent for early game. But the rocks maintain their value over time by having other useful drops, such as money, aid, and a variety of ammunition. That said, if people want a better variety of weapons, I'll perhaps implement it down the line.