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Requires Lonesome Road DLC.
Mod version 1.0

The Roughin' it! Bedroll kit is no longer an ingestible item, it will become an inedible item ("Misc" category).
After loading your last save, the "ingurgitable" item will be removed from your inventory and replaced with the "miscellaneous" item.
Note: "ingurgitable" may not be a proper English adjective to describing something that can be swallowed. I borrowed it from French.
Ingurgitable = Qui peut ĂȘtre ingurgitĂ© <=> That can be ingurgitate.
To use it, drop it on the ground then pick it up. A new message with 2 options will pop-up, choose one of them and you are all set.
I also decreased its weight 15 -> 10. It was a bit high for my tastes.

1. The Laser Detonator will no longer be a quest item after finishing the DLC, when Ulysses' footlocker will become available.
2. I tweaked the "Voracious Reader routine" in NVDLC04GenericPerkQuestSCRIPT. If you have the perk, the burned books will be silently removed and replaced from your inventory with Blank magazines. It will be done in an instant, without those more than annoying messages and "cork pulled from the bottle of wine" removing (items) sounds.

Sleep your cares away or pack it up and move on.
The choice is always yours.

After Dark by Tito y Tarantula
Table dance done after.

Many thanks:
Nexus - great site for sharing ideas after dark.