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The first companion mod coming from BuzantheFriendly! Featuring Jimmy Salads and his family!

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If Alchestbreach ever reviews this mod it's pronounced 'Buz-an' the friendly. 

I don't really know if it's lore friendly, or if that's what i can call it, BUT! this is a mod featuring the Hunter .S Thompson / George Carlin inspired character; Jimmy Salads, along with his family, it also includes 2 mini Bosses who are also included in the Salads Family. 

(Backstory: Originally i used to play a Fallout Dark RP on Garry's Mod, and whenever i played a radio host i picked the alias 'Jimmy Salads' and played non-fifties/sixties music on the radio. The name quickly caught on with me and i began using the last name 'Salads' with most my other characters on the roleplay server for every other job, eventually making a big ass family. And after fixing my FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS copy after DK Face textures had made it crash on launch i wanted to remake that family in New Vegas as a mod, and this was all done in a day's work.)

Known bugs: 

1. Upon fast-travelling there can be a vanilla duplicate of Jimmy roaming about. I prefer to call this his 'evil twin' and i will add a boss-fight as a satire to this in the Divie calling him Saladysses. (not very funny, but hey man it works.)
2. Some NPC's don't have dialogue, though they actually do in the mod-files. this mod won't be a master file so if you know how to fix it most the dialogues are set up with 00's in front OR occasionally you'll have to look for 'SuzyDialogue' and 'VinnyDialogue' in the quest files.
3. There's a floating chair outside of Jimmy's bunker, i used it as a landmark and mean to place it above the bunker roof.
4. Lieutenant Wilson Salads isn't wearing his armor due to it's condition, I've attempted to fix this multiple times.
5. Landon Salads isn't dead. (Just kill him in COMMAND) 

NPCs Added:
Jimmy Salads (Companion with Dialogue!)
Suzy Salads (Jimmy's daughter, with dialogue! lives with Jimmy at)
Adam Salads (Jimmy's Oldest son, who's supposed to have dialogue! Located at Camp MCcarran)
Vinny Salads (Jimmy's son, who also is supposed to have Dialogue! Located at the prospector saloon)
Landon Salads (A Dead nephew of Jimmy, is supposed to be dead at prim's gas station.)
Wattz (Jimmy's protectron bodyguard, and soon to be greeter for the Salads casino)

Mini Bosses:
Reggie Salads (A Ghoul boss with a flock of his own brethren, located outside the Canyon wreckage)
Lieutenant Wilson Salads (An Enclave character at the Wolfhorn ranch with several other Enclave troopers. Drops a special weapon. and a note eluding to another mod i aspire to make in the future, where Wilson is still alive.)

Location Revamps: 
Hidden Valley Bunker (North) where Jimmy is located has been turned into a small casino, basically.

Weapons Added:
Lt. Salad's Tri-Beam Laser Rifle (an improved Tri-beam.)
Armor Added:
Jimmy's Old Suit (Located in the Tops behind the curtain at the theater.)

All of this is subject to change, of course and it'll be developed further in time.

I soon hope to include:

Fixing the chair.
A Quest where Jimmy gets his family all back together (including characters not yet added!) and you partake in a heist.
A Quest Where Jimmy gets his new radio station as he mentioned before. It'd be kind of like a 'restoring nipton' kind of deal. will be a separate mod in of itself. 
Everything actually working.
Possibly voiced dialogue?
A few more 'custom' armor sets.
Some more unique weapons! 
Shovels and tools around the Hidden-Valley Casino to give off the impression that him and his daughter actually worked in the place.
Landon Being dead.
Wattz having dialogue. 
Jimmy having an explanation to Wattz. as well as a response to you getting him his old suit. 
More Salad-family members.

I N S T A L L A T I O N : 

So it's kind of hard how to pin down how to install this mod, but the one way to do it is shove it in your DATA Files for New Vegas and it'll hopefully show up as a plugin for New Vegas in the nexus mod manager, you can then turn it on there and the mod will hopefully be activated. 

If the Nexus way works then i'll be damned.