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The big sequel to Wasteland Bosses is here! This mod adds 29 unique bosses and four dungeons to the game.

Permissions and credits
***This mod has recently been added to a compilation which overall adds 20+ dungeons and over 50+ bosses to the Wastes! Check it out here***

Welcome to another Wasteland Bosses! New in this sequel are dungeons - unique lairs where many of the bosses reside!
Another new, and massively needed feature, is that the bosses can no longer be disarmed - you have to fight fair!

Overall, this mod adds 29 unique boss NPCs to the game of varying difficulty, from Easy to Extreme, as well as four new dungeons!
And, as always, there is plenty of dialogue and fun loot to grab!

Also, a quick warning - this mod can be very bizarre and nonsensical.

Important Notes

- You don't need Wasteland Bosses or Wasteland Bosses II - this is another standalone sequel!
- Compatible with pretty much everything as it only adds things to the game, without altering anything.
- Regardless of location, attacking the NPCs from this mod will not aggro anyone else.
- All of the NPCs are unaggressive unless attacked, or threatened.
- It's recommended to reach level 15+ before taking on any of the bosses - this isn't a requirement, however. You can
install the mod and wait until you are a high enough level to finally attack one of the bosses.
- Play on Hard or Very Hard for the best experience!

Install & Uninstall

Install: Install with NMM or drop the .esp into your data folder and activate it in the launcher.
Uninstall: Uninstall with NMM or deactivate the .esp and delete it.

The Bosses

**In Doc Mitchell's house, on the ground in the kitchen area, you can find notes containing the full list of bosses/locations 

-Easy Bosses-

Marxie - Goodsprings - Goodspring's very own... communist?

Evil Tim - El Dorado Gas & Service - He is really evil. Seriously, don't mess with him!

Robbie - Goodsprings Cemetery - An awfully confused, and passive, feral ghoul.

Jenny Three-Shoes - Boulder City Saloon - A local cheapskate in Boulder City. Gave herself the really dumb nickname "Three-Shoes".

-Hard Bosses-

Ashford - Vault 21 - An insane man with two personalities.

Reek - Cottonwood Cove - A broken slave, abandoned by his master.

Sticker - Freeside, outside the North Gate - A crazed junkie who likes to stick people with his stickin' knife.

DUNGEON: Point Never's Pad (Entrance in Sloan) - Contains 3 hard bosses - Point Never, Replica, and Chuck Person.

-Insane Bosses-

Max - A house in Nipton - A man camping out in Nipton with his pet fire gecko, Donnie.

Donnie - A house in Nipton - Max's loyal pet fire gecko.

DUNGEON: Darkglow Cavern (Entrance next to No-Bark's shack in Novac) - Contains 3 insane bosses - The Violence, Blood, and Decay.

-Extreme Bosses-

Norman - Hidden Valley - An old man who lived a long life of fighting for the Brotherhood. Now, he is searching for an epic final battle.

Cort - Wolfhorn Ranch - A vicious, cruel merc that taught many the art of combat.

DUNGEON: Chet's Evil Lair (Entrance behind the general store in Goodsprings) - Contains 5 extreme bosses - Evil Chet, Evil Trudy, Evil Sunny, Evil Pete, Evil Doc Mitchell

DUNGEON: Alternate Realm (Entrance in the outskirts of Boulder City) - Contains 4 extreme bosses and 1 insane boss - The Enlightened, Miss Vile, Hades, Cerberus, and the Woodsman. Also contains easy minibosses - the realmspeople.

-SECRET Bosses-

(Hard) ????? - Somewhere in Novac - A frustrated brain.

(Extreme) ????? - Somewhere outside Vault ??? - Looking for his brother.

Extra FAQ

Q: Did you navmesh the dungeons like a good modder?
A: Why yes, I did painstakingly navmesh all the dungeons! They are all officially Willow-ready!

Q: Do I need (insert thing here) for this mod?
A: Nope! Only the base game is needed! Also, all the bosses are unaggressive so you can load it up with a new game, with no fear of randomly getting rekt!

Q: Are you mentally ill?
A: I don't know, probably.