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This mod is a new Caesar Legion Overhaul

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Based on the concept of the armor of the Centurions, this Legion re-uses pieces of armor from other factions on top the legion armors. Then you'll see them using parts of NCR, Raiders, Powder Gang, Fiends, Tribals, BoS, Mercenaries, Desert Rangers ..... as if they had killed these guys and made a loot on the bodies. But there is also things hand crafted by the faction itself and also things that they have been taking in the territories they have exploited. They also use stuffed animals, bones and skulls, cloths .... anything is allowed to increase their armor.



1) Armors: Each class has several armors, with a special NPC using an elite version of them. (Vexillarius is the exception) These armors have an elite effect equivalent to Boone's cap and Ulysses's Duster. Console command for the old armors, if you want some of them.

2) Difficulty: They are a bit more tough. But not so much, do not worry.

3) Repair: you can only repair a armor with another armor belong to the same class. Caesar armor you repair with recruits armor and Courier armor and Lanius armor/helmet with the centurion armors. Courier helmet with Praetorian Helmet.

4) NPCS: some few NPCs have diferent weapons. For example, Aurelius have a AMR.

5) Safehouse: now there´s a special armor, just for the player in the Legion safehouse. Not affected by the faction script.

6) Legion Assassins: their weapons vary with the level of the player. Now they are ALWAYS led by a Centurion. A Praetorian, a Decanus, and a Vexillarius compliment the whole band.
7) Mongrels. They are real war dogs now, with more damage and HP. The ones inside Nipton´s hall are vanilla, the mongrels from the White Legs also.

8) Machete and Gladiator armor from the arena. The old ones were gone. Now it has a replacer for both, where the gun is a bit stronger. Boone still has the vanilla machete.


Known Issues:

1) The clipping in the pipboy for several armors are an ATROCITY. And do not expect me to fix this, because I will not. I also identified 9 armors with a gap in the wrist, if used by the player. This one I'll fix in the future.

Both problems are solved right now, if you download the Pipboy 2500.

2) Vexillarius armors only have male versions. In the future I put the feminine versions, but at the moment I can not even look at this mod anymore.

3) I may be wrong, but the faction will only change 100% in a new playthough. Some of them when they appear on the map, never change again, not even with prayer. For example, the Praetorians in Fort and the Explorers at Cottwood Cove. Nothing can be done. 



Mods that change the legion armors. Custom body mods like robert/type 3. Do not ask me what else, you do not expect that I know everything, right? Test there and tell me.



1) Why this mod is in it alpha stage?

- This mod has been thinking to use the future textures that the user Pommymax is doing. I'll update when he launches his mod. It's not his main project, so it can be released tomorrow or 10 years from now.

2) Where´s the cheat box?

- There´s a car in front Doctor Mitchell house. Clip under it, and you find the cheat box with all armors.

3) This mod is lore friendly?

- No. Try this one

4) Are you going to make a version without the faction script?

- No. This armors are made for the Legion faction, not for you to roleplay a legionary in the middle of the Camp MacCarran.

5) I have textures/meshes problems

- Try that ArchiveInvalidation thing. Also follow the instalation like I said.

6) Can you make a version which does not require DLCs?
Can you make a Fallout 4 conversion?
Can you make a version that not change the Legion?
Can you change this and do that (ask for a completely different mod) 
And other silly questions

- Degenerates like you belong on a cross



extract the file in the NV folder and use a Mod Manager to activate the .esp


Recommended Mods

- A Familiar Friend - Pip-Boy 2500 - Handheld Pipboy

- ALR - Aptoms Legion Retextured

Folks from Russian XD
(I could not copy the link for some reason, but it's on in this site, somewhere.)



- Jokerine: When you see a foot with fingers, it´s her job. I'm not going to post the mod link though because it has nudity.

- Dragbody: for the spectacular crown of Caesar

- AusAllerWelt; this user make a normal map texture for me, and was a HUGE help. I used in some helmets that have Lanius helmet parts.

- Farazzak: this user cute the holes in Lanius Helmet. Now you can see his eyes. Looks WAAAAAAY better then the vanilla.

- SilentZer0: for a texture used in a Vexillarius flag. Here the original