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About this mod

Battle 20 unique, challenging bosses across the wasteland, and get plenty of loot!

Permissions and credits
This mod adds 20 boss NPCs to the game, all of varying difficulty, from Easy to Extreme. They all have unique loot, with plenty of dialogue as well! Being a sequel, this mod aims to be far bigger and better than the first entry. More dialogue, more fun loot, and better balancing is the primary focus!
Important Notes

- You don't need the first Wasteland Bosses - this is a standalone sequel!
- Compatible with just about everything as it only adds to the game, and doesn't alter anything.
- Attacking the NPCs from this mod won't result in any reputation loss of any kind, regardless of where the NPC is.
- All of the NPCs besides Awoo and Bork are initially unaggressive - this includes creatures!
- It's HIGHLY recommended to reach level 20+ before taking on any of the bosses, even the easy ones!
- Play on Hard or Very Hard for the best experience!

Install & Uninstall

Install: Install with NMM or just drop the .esp into your Data folder and activate the esp in the launcher.
Uninstall: Uninstall with NMM or deactivate the .esp, and delete it.

The Bosses

**You can find four notes in Doc Mitchell's house, on the ground near the science equipment, giving you the
following list of bosses and locations in-game.**

-Easy Bosses-

Minty Swirl - Freeside, next to a building on the way to the Strip's North Gate - A local buffoon that constantly annoys the denizens of Freeside.

Awoo - Goodsprings Cave - A coyote that has been picking off countless settlers in the area around Goodsprings - watch out, she's aggressive!

Hodd Toward - Goodsprings, behind the general store - A man who is bizarrely obsessed with selling people his games.

Bork - Nipton town hall, 2nd floor - Aggressive! An overfed and incredibly vicious legion mongrel.

-Hard Bosses-

Zephyr - Outside the Gamorrah casino - An ex-fiend who has apparently put the fiend life behind them.

- In the fort, near Caesar's tent - A particularly cold and cunning member of Caesar's Legion.

- Westside, inside the Co-op - A strangely passive gecko. He's still mean when he wants to be, however.

G.M. Patton
- Outside the Crimson Caravan gate - Ex-NCR, booted for saying a few too many controversial things.

-Insane Bosses-

Dr. Death - Inside the Mormon Fort NE interior - A sick doctor who takes joy in ending the lives of his patients.

The Maniac - Vault 3 Living Quarters - A major league psycho who manages to disturb even the nastiest of his fellow fiends.

Blink - Sloan - A peaceful, lazy cazador that has become the town protector for Sloan.

Steve - Vault 3 Recreation Area - A chem cook for the fiends of Vault 3.

-Extreme Bosses-

- In the Atomic Wrangler - A hyper-violent super mutant whose favorite pastime is crushing humans into cubes.

Darkheart - Outside the Lucky 38 - Mr. House's personal deathclaw bodyguard.

Destruction Joe
- Cottonwood Cove HQ - Lives amongst the legion, often doing most of their dirty work. He lives for fighting, and has a deep attachment to his super sledge, "Destructo-Max".

The Holy One - Sniper's Nest - An old sniper who is mistakenly revered by many as being a saint.

-SECRET Bosses-

??? - Somewhere in Goodsprings

??? - Somewhere in Novac

??? - Somewhere in the NCRCF

????? - Location ???

This mod is possibly my biggest one yet, so I hope you all like it. Be sure to let me know if you did! Share which boss was your favorite! Thanks, and have fun!