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Rebreather, VMS15WaterBreathing (object effect) and Water Breathing Effect corrected.

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Requires main game.
Mod version 1.0
1. Water breathing main effect restored. There is nothing wrong with WaterBreathing [MGEF:0005876D], it was not properly implemented.
As result, I got rid of VMS15RebreatherScript [SCPT:0010062E] (attached to Rebreather) which runs every frame for adding some utterly useless spells, implemented for nothing.

2. VMS15WaterBreathing "Rebreather" [ENCH:0010062F] also corrected to match the correction for Water Breathing effect.

3. Rebreather is no longer "quest item". Pay attention to not losing it or to not use it for repairing another piece of your gear, if you have taken "Jury Rigging" perk.

4. You can use your beloved Lucky Shades with Rebreather. Take it as a bonus.

5. You cannot wear glasses (except for Lucky Shades) while wearing Rebreather. If you want to, open the editor, copy the glasses you want to tweak, right-click on
"Eye Glasses, Mask" in BMDT - Biped Data and unmark the "Mask". Save the esp (CTRL+S) or simply close the editor and save it and voila, you made your first mod.

Go fishing!

My personal mod Rebreather Waterbreathing_NVStyle for FO3

Many thanks to:
Nexus - for allowing us posting all kind of stuff.