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A high resolution of the poor neglected training dummy. Now fixed in version 2!

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A high resolution of the poor neglected training dummy.

UPDATE: A new version of the retexture is out now. People we're having problems with the previous version (including me) where they would crash or have extreme lag in areas that had training dummies in them. This was most likely caused by the fact that the old version was 6000x6000. That's ridiculous. 
The new version is up which is a much more sane 2048x2048, and doesn't freak out the engine. I've also taken the time to edit the texture to have a bit more of a vanilla vibe and fixed the god awful normal map which made the thing shine and glow like it was greased up. It now looks much better in my opinion. 

Sorry for crashing your games before. I'm a dingus.  


God I really need to fix my sleeping schedule... 

Anyways, this one has kind of bothered me for a while. Everytime I walk around the Great Khan's camp I remember how much I love it. The beautiful red rocks, the huts elevated up the hill, and the general vibe is so fresh after walking through the wasteland so long. Then it catches my eye. That damn blurry low resolution dummy staring at me from the arena. With his judging eyes and whatnot. Who does he think he his huh? Dummy? More like.... uh... ok dummy is pretty hard to improve upon for an insult. It seems i've gotten off track.

This retextures the training dummy so instead of having to look at his dumb low resolution face you can look at his dumb HIGH resolution face. Who's laughing now dummy!? 

Install Instructions:
Unzip and throw into your data folder, simple as that. 

Or, if you're a machete swinging, jet inhaling, crazy tribal kind of guy (or girl) than you can just download with manager and that'll probably be much more effortless. 


It would probably help to have Fallout New Vegas installed or else the mod won't work. But something tells me you know that already. :P

AgeofEvolution (Me): I did the thing....
Obsidian: For creating the original thing.


If anybody wants to use this retexture in any mods they would like to release, ask me about it and i'll probably give ya permission. As long as you aren't a training dummy... I've got my eye on you   -_____-