About this mod

When a country falls, its leaders remnants surge for survival, prioritising their positions as leaders of the world, old world or new. Corruption is not a new game , and Joshua has been caught in the crossfire and needs your helping hand to find his stolen cap pressing machines, and be rewarded handsomely for your hard efforts.

Permissions and credits
Featuring 223 lines of fully voiced dialogue, a new companion and a quest to go with him, prepare yourself to go on a journey of thin ropes and combat fuelled action to hunt down his stolen cap press machines. Under pressure from The Tops bosses to get their debt repaid by Joshua, only the courier is the right man for the job. 

A fully voice acted mod, which introduces a quest where you must hunt down Joshua's missing cap pressing machines, and allows Joshua to become your companion. This quest begins upon speaking with Joshua and accepting him as one of your followers, who now resides in the once boarded up house to the right of exiting Doc Mitchel's house. 

Since this is version 1.0 of the mod, there may be a few glitches, but I have poured over 60 hours into this mod as well as 5 hours worth of rigorous testing, with a team of 1. Please report any glitches and I will work on getting them patched ASAP. This is my first mod made in Fallout: New Vegas, but not my first mod or game that I have ever made as I frequently make art within the Unreal Engine.

-No additional mods are required, not even NVSE.
-No DLC is needed, the game runs purely off of the base game.

Thank you to MikeBurnFire for reminding me about Fallout New Vegas and keeping me entertained throughout the development of this mod, you guys are awesome.

Weapons - Bu11et
Armor Retextures - Bu11et
Level Development - Bu11et
Scripting - Bu11et
Weapons - Bu11et
Voice acting - Bu11et and my brother ( thank you ;) )

The mod is also available in Russian here. - Credits to StolenWorld for reaching out to me to translate it for free!


MikeBurnFire's Playthrough

Al ChestBreach's Playthrough

Ollyoxen's Playthrough

Cellblock Psycho's Playthrough