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Retextures the signs at the Repconn Test Site, Repconn Headquarters, and the "O" chair at the Gibson Scrap Yard.

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Oh boy, my other mod is now obsolete. Instead of retexturing just the "O" chair like I did last time, now i've retextured the whole sign. And honestly I think it looks loads better than what I made before. Albeit, way less comfy looking... 

Anyways, this is a higher resolution texture for the signs (Like I said above) at Repconn Test Site, Repconn HeadQuarters and also the "O" chair at the Gibson scrapyard. No longer will Old Lady Gibson have to sit upon such peasantry. 

Install Instructions:
Unzip and throw into your data folder, simple as that. 

Or, if you're a rocket building, super mutant sniping, kind of guy (or girl) than you can just download with manager and that'll probably be much more efficient. 


It would probably help to have Fallout New Vegas installed or else the mod won't work. But something tells me you know that already. :P

AgeofEvolution (Me): I did the thing....
Sebastjin: For giving me the idea for the thing.
Obsidian: For creating the original thing.


If anybody wants to use this retexture in any mods they would like to release, ask me about it and i'll probably give ya permission.