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Chet now sells seven unique and powerful items, at a very high cost.

Permissions and credits
Have way too many caps, and nothing to spend them on? Well worry no more, as Chet has somehow stumbled upon some ridiculous items, that he will only sell to you at an equally ridiculous cost.
(I wouldn't describe the items as being cheat-y or extremely imbalanced. Just very strong - plus you have to pay a ton of caps for them anyway.)

The Items

Lunchbox of Storage: A misc item that grants the 'extra storage' effect, increasing carry weight by 100 when held. (Base value: 30000 caps)
A Grand Day Out: Gatling laser with insane DPS. (Base value: 50000 caps)
Blood N' Brains: A powerful nail board that does crazy limb damage. (Base value: 40000 caps)
Nostalgia: A BB gun that hits extremely hard, but is single shot and reloads very slowly. (Base value: 35000 caps)
Punch-a-rama: Displacer glove with super high crit chance. (Base value: 40000 caps)
Evil Suit: A business suit with DT equivalent to that of power armor. (Base value: 38000 caps)
**Evil Mask: New in update - increases sneak and DT (Base value: 30000 caps)

Quick Notes
This mod is pretty much compatible with everything, as it only adds to Chet's total inventory without actually altering anything, and it also just uses vanilla assets (sorry, no custom meshes/textures here). Chet also sells the ammo for the two guns. The items all respawn in his inventory, all except the Lunchbox of Storage as that is meant to be bought only once.

Install & Uninstall
Install: Drop the .esp into your Data folder and activate it in the launcher or NMM.
Uninstall: Deactivate the .esp, then delete it.

**Be sure to check out my other mods, such as Light Clutter or Names Matter, which you can find on my profile!**