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About this mod

Adjusts the effects of several perks - list of affected perks and changes in the description.

Permissions and credits
This mod adjusts a number of perks to make the game feel a bit different balance-wise.
Mainly, this is based on my own personal feeling on how effective these perks should be, and for most of them I have generally just made mild-to-moderate adjustments, which you can see below.

Here's the list of all perks affected:

  • Action Boy/Girl: Both now have only one rank, increasing AP by 25, up from 15.
  • Adamantium Skeleton: Improves limb protection by another 10%.
  • Black Widow/Confirmed Bachelor/Lady Killer: Damage boost dropped to 7% from 10%.
  • Bloody Mess: Now increases damage by 8%, up from 5%.
  • Chem Resistant: Now reduces addiction chance even further - 80% up from 50%.
  • Heavy Handed Trait: Further improves damage from 20% to 30%. Critical damage still lowered as in vanilla.
  • Life Giver: Now has only one rank, increasing health by 50 instead of 30.
  • Nerd Rage: DT dropped from 15 to 10.
  • Slayer: Slight reduction in attack speed - 30% down to 25%.
  • Stonewall: Increases the DT to 7, up from 5.
  • Strong Back: Now increases carry weight by 75, up from 50.
  • Super Slam: Reduces knockdown chance by half.
  • Swift Learner: Now has only one rank, giving a 20% exp boost, up from 10%.

And that is all, folks.

Requirements & Compatibility/Issues
Only requires the base game. 
Only incompatible with anything that changes the perks/traits listed above. Works fine with More Perks, or any other mod that adds more perks.
***Make sure you only play this mod on a game where your character doesn't already have more than one rank of
Action Boy/Girl, Life Giver, or Swift Learner.***

Install & Uninstall
Install: Drop the .esp in your NV Data folder and activate it in your launcher or NMM.
Uninstall: Deactivate the esp and delete it.

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