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An overhaul to make the Lucky 38 Suite more comfy and useful.

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This mod was created out of my disappointment with the Lucky 38 suite. It is neither pleasant to look at nor does it offer everything I wish to have from a player home. I created this mainly for myself but thought I should share it in case people might be looking for something similar.


What this mod does:

The suite has been overhauled with new furniture, decorations and rooms. Workbenches have been moved to a new armory with plenty of storage for you equipment. A laboratory gives you access to an Auto-doc and a chemistry set. The oven in the kitchen now allows you to cook just like you would at a campfire. Companions have two bedrooms and four beds to use while the player room has been changed to look more fancy and comfortable. DLC Snowglobes will automatically appear when you pick them up. Upgrades for the suite are now obselete in order to get access to more storage. Fully nav-meshed and cleaned with FNVEdit.


This is generally not compatible with any mods that overhaul the Lucky 38 suite.

File History:

1.0 Release

1.5 Fixed Cooking Oven and Auto-Doc using the wrong script. Fixed some clipping and added various idle markers for companions to use.

2.0 Replaced Terminal with an interactive one, removed DLC Snowglobes because I'm too stupid to script. Fixed bathroom floor and added some more decorations/moved some stuff for the suite to look better. Replaced broken mirrors with new ones. Made most useless clutter static. File now uses a BSA.

3.0 DLC Snowglobes are back and appear around the suit when you pick them up. Removed all terminals, added more clutter and changed the layout of the bathroom. Armory and Laboratory now have more storage. Improved lighting as well as I could.

4.0 Added windows around the suite with many thanks to Large Barge. Removed some clutter that I deemed too excessive but I now struck a good balance between detail, usability and performance. Improved lighting for non-ENB users and have now provided a plugin (that is still a bit WIP) with better lighting for ENB users. To be safe remove everything you have stored in the suite because I've changed some containers.


No bugs are known so far but consider telling me if you find any.

I have to say that I didn't playtest this one extensively but generally there should be no game breaking bugs. I advise to not use this mod if you have already been in the suite once before. If you still want to use it, take everything you have stored in the suite and make a save outside the suite before you load my mod.



Jokerine for her great resources that helped make this mod a lot more detailed than it could have been with vanilla resources.
Pinheadius whose Lucky 38 mod inspired me to make my own.
Brisea for their Foggy Mirror Resource
mrbarista for their Toilet Seat Resource
Large Barge for the excellent windows.
VIPerMX for the clean Sunset Sarsaparilla Vending Machine.
Bethesda/Obsidian for creating Fallout New Vegas.